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Choosing a New Zealand Flag

New Zealand Flags are produced commercially in five sizes, from one yard to three yards. They are traditionally manufactured in yards although metric measurements are sometimes used.

The main measurement is along the top of the flag, with the length twice as long as the breadth. The two yard size is most common, but your choice of size will depend on how the flag is going to be used.

Getting the right size and material

Your choice of flag size should be guided by its setting, so it’s in proportion with the height of the flagpole and is an appropriate height if the staff is set on a building. As a guide, allow one yard of flag for every ten feet of staff.

Table and car flags are available in a 6 x 3 inch size. These should be used with appropriate masts and stands, or mountings. Sewn or printed flags are manufactured in durable polyester bunting. Cheaper printed flags are available in a polyester knit fabric.

New Zealand flag manufacturers, include the following suppliers:  

The Ministry does not hold any supplies of the New Zealand Flag.

Storm flags for bad weather

The Flag shouldn’t be lowered because of bad weather. Smaller storm flags can be used when wind speeds are expected to exceed 48 knots. Large flags are more suitable for calm days or ceremonial occasions.

Updated on 11th May 2023