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Long-Term Insights Briefing Cultural Sector

We’re delighted to share our inaugural Long-term Insights Briefing, which considers the question: into the future, what are some of the key areas that will influence the vibrancy and resilience of the cultural sector ecosystem? 

Over 150 organisations and individuals connected to, or with an interest in, the arts, culture and heritage sector provided valuable input and feedback into the development of the Briefing, and we acknowledge all those who have been so generous with their time, insights and perspectives.

Long-term Insights Briefings provide a dedicated space for public reflection and reimaging of our future development as a modern Pacific nation – and we’re excited to see arts, culture and heritage continue to play a fundamental role in positively shaping our sense of identity and place in the world.

Download iconLong-Term Insights Briefing: Manatū Taonga | Ministry for Culture and Heritage (PDF 1.7 MB) 

Web version of the Long-Term Insights Briefing

The briefing explores five key areas: 

Te Ao Māori

Considering the future of the sector where Te Ao Māori is woven throughout the cultural sector while supporting mana Motuhake, including implications of co-governance. 

Funding, investment and value

Shifting how investment is made in the sector and how value is understood and realised. 

Population change

Understanding the impacts of projected demographic changes as Aotearoa New Zealand becomes more diverse, including shifts in specific population groups and our sense of identity and place in the world 

Digital technologies

Realising the opportunities created by rapidly changing digital tools and platforms, and considering the broader economic and legal implications including in relation to the global marketplace. 

Climate change

Fostering a more sustainable sector and the opportunities within the sector to positively impact climate change. 

Next steps

Thanks for your interest in Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage's LTIB. Both rounds of consultation have now closed, and the final document has been tabled in the House of Representatives

The Briefing was considered in April 2023, view a facebook video of the Select Committee hearing 

Background to the Long-Term Insights Briefing

Manatū Taonga has developed a Long-Term Insights Briefing (LTIB) which looks to understand what some of the key areas are that will influence the vibrancy and resilience of the cultural sector ecosystem.

The LTIB is a way for the public to contribute meaningfully on what matters the most for the future of New Zealand. It uses a futures lens to help understand the drivers of change and the long-term issues or challenges shaping the future development of policy.

The LTIB process helps us collectively think about and plan for the future, and identify and explore long-term issues that matter for the future wellbeing of people in New Zealand.

For more information on the long-term insights briefing process, visit the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Long-term Insights Briefings – Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

How we engaged

Through a public survey, a series of online workshops and written submissions from September to December 2021, we received feedback from over 150 sector stakeholders and organisations. Following this consultation, we analysed the feedback to identify key themes.

Download iconConsultation to develop a Long-Term Insights Briefing: the components of an impactful and sustainable cultural sector into the future (PDF 330 KB)

The following document provides a high-level summary of the themes.

Read Long-Term Insights Briefing Summary of Feedback Consultation Round 1 (web version)

Download iconRead Long-Term Insights Briefing Summary of Feedback Consultation Round 1 (PDF 120 KB) 

To support these discussions, the following factsheets were produced to act as a prompt. These factsheets were provided to participants in advance of the engagement workshops, and show a sample of some of what we had heard from earlier engagement, some wider domestic and international examples related to the focus areas, and scenarios to support a futures-focused conversation.

Download iconFactsheet 1: Climate Change (PDF 52 KB)

Download iconFactsheet 2: Demographic Changes (PDF 44 KB)

Download iconFactsheet 3: Digital technologies (PDF 55 KB)

Download iconFactsheet 4: Funding, Investment and Value (PDF 45 KB)

Download iconFactsheet 5: Te Ao Māori (PDF 40 KB)

Updated on 6th June 2023