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Ngā Kōrero Tuku Iho, New Zealand Oral History Grants recipients

Ngā Kōrero Tuku Iho, New Zealand Oral History Grants 2021

A total of $130.558 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Jackson, Jade, Lesa v Attorney-General of New Zealand, $6,000
  • Vaeluaga, Seila (Natu), Our journey from Fale Sanilaiti, $9,700
  • Liua’ana, Rev Dr Featuna’i,A History of the CCS/EFKS Churches, $6,000
  • Te Vaka Cook Islands of Dunedin Inc, Akapapa’anga nō te iti tangata, $8,000
  • Mackintosh, Rochelle, Life experiences of ngā uri o Te Rimu Trust, $5,000
  • Vadasz, Viola and Peter Farago, Wave by wave, story by story: Hungarians in New Zealand, $9,982.95
  • Hamilton Cook Islands Association, Taro Patch Series, $8,500
  • Raharuhi, Nina, Hiringa A Rangi 2018, A Tohorā washed up on our shores, $10,000
  • Woods, Reuben and Bobby Hung, 100 Aotearoa Graffiti Artists – A Survey of New Zealand Graffiti 1980-2021, $10,000
  • Pene, Rangitihi,Covid-19 Te Arawa’s Response 2020-2022, $9,300
  • Manu, Ilai, Fagatua, the indigenous wrestling of Tokelau, $6,500
  • Herbert-Pickering, Maraea and Harata Herbert, Three Marae, One People, $12,810
  • Walsh-Tapiata, Wheturangi, Wai-o-Turi Marae, Parara-ki-te-uru (Turi-Captain of Aotea waka-spring), $7,875
  • Tibbble, Paora Te Kakapaiwaho, Hato Paora College Oral History Project Whāia Te Tika, $10,890

Ngā Kōrero Tuku Iho, New Zealand Oral History Grants (formerly Awards) 2020/21

A total of $105,690 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Joanne Maarama Kāmira, He waka tahōu i te whenua moemoeā: A strange waka in the land of dreaming, Voices of the Australian Māori diaspora, $5,000
  • Paul Roy, Deer Cullers, $7,350
  • Ngāti Kahu Hapū, Ngāti Kahu Hapū Cultural Heritage Project (led by Tina Latimer), $6,746
  • Ngā Toenga o Ngā Tamariki a Iharaira me Ngā Uri o Maungapōhatu Charitable Trust (Tūhoe), Rua Kēnana Pardon Act 2019 Video Documentary, $20,000
  • Jacqui Keelan, Ngā Manukura o Waikato Tainui, $4,000. This material has been deposited with the Waikato University Te Whare Pukapuka (Library).
  • Kate Souness, Kaupapa Waka / Kaupapa Whānau (South Island based), $4,000. This material has been deposited with Ngāi Tahu Archives.
  • Rowan Light, Ano te mahara e reka: The Repatriation Hīkoi of Bishop Pompallier 2001-2002, $6,100. This material has been deposited with Raiātea Centre, Motuti, Hokianga. Learn more about Raiātea on a NZ Museum's blog.
  • Julie Benjamin, 1949 Buller vs Otago Ranfurly Shield Challenge Trip, $6,000. This material has been deposited with the Coaltown Trust.
  • Chantal Bakersmith, A tale of the rugby ball and me: the whakapapa of female rugby in Aotearoa, $5,600. This material has been deposited with Auckland City Libraries.
  • Nicola Panapa, Tainui Express: The Journey to Settlement, $12,000
  • Ruth Low, On Fertile Ground: A People’s History of NZ Farming (South Island based), $15,000
  • Darren Hunter, NZFORSEA [New Zealand Force South East Asia] 1971-1989, $2,494

New Zealand Oral History Awards 2019

A total of $100,198 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Whakarua Trust Board, Uepohatu: The History of Whakarua Park, $5000
  • Caren Wilton, Trans lives in Aotearoa New Zealand,  $10,500
  • Sue Bradford and Karen Davis, Kotare Research & Education for Social Change in Aotearoa Trust, Kotare speaks: 25 years of education for social change in Aotearoa,  $10,000
  • ZEALANDIA (Karori Wildlife Trust), The First Fence: Voices of Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, $11,540
  • Susan Maree Lennox, Lower Hutt Women’s Centre: Flourishing for thirty years, $500
  • Grace Bateman and Paul Garbett, Ice Skating in New Zealand, Part 1: 1930s - 1970s, $7,500
  • Voice + Ink - Helen Frizzell, Megan Hutching and Pip Oldham, In My Room, $15,000
  • Hannah Benbow and Chantalle Smith, Wellington Dungeons and Dragons, $6,400
  • Noelle McCarthy, Sex Lives: New Zealand women talk about sex across the generations, $20,690
  • Keystrokes per minute project team with Dr Judith Aitken, Keystrokes Per Minute: a history of women in the public service typing pool from 1945 to the  present day, $3,000
  • Jacqueline Roberta Keelan-Peebles, Whakapourangi Road, $5,000
  • Pia Maria Kahn, New Zealand’s ‘happiest migrants’: An introductory oral history of Filipino migrants in New Zealand, $5,068.

New Zealand Oral History Awards 2018

A total of $56,186 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Natalie Looyer - Bringing Classical Antiquities to Aotearoa, $4,000.00
  • Farida Sultana and Shila Nair - The human cost of war: Voices of displaced women, $3,400.00
  • Mike Smith - Voices from Inside Labour, $2,856.00
  • Tafaoimalo Loudeen Parsons - Fanua – Samoan indigenous conceptual meaning of land, $6,330.00
  • Robert Willoughby - Who are Ngati Kuta, $3,000
  • Georgie Craw - SOS: Stories from the Sisters Overseas Service, $6,400.00
  • Christchurch Operatic Society - So the 30,000 sang! The voices and memories behind 80 years of Showbiz in Christchurch, $6,400.00
  • Anna Fomison - Tony Fomison Oral History Project, $5,000.00
  • Nic Lane - Development of professional inclusive performing arts within Aotearoa, $8,700.00
  • Tilly HeiHei and Dawn Shaw - Te Aratika Whanau Trust, $3,500.00
  • Jenny Senior and Naomi Strickland - Oral History of Queen Victoria School, $8,000.00

New Zealand Oral History Awards 2017

A total of $96,375 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Judith Aitken - Women in a disabling world, $3,500.00
  • Golden Bay Museum Society - Golden Bay Women in Farming, $3,000.00
  • Linda Hepburn - South Island Rowing – A History, $10,000.00
  • Ruth Greenaway, Mahajabeen Padamsee & Peter Buchanan -The research legacy of women Mycologists in Aotearoa / New Zealand, $7,000.00
  • Economic and Social Research Aotearoa (ESRA) - Hidden histories: Voices from a network of Autonomous : peoples’ organisations originating from the Auckland Unemployed Workers’ Rights Centre 1983 – 1999, $9,000.00
  • Lena Fransham - Talking About Otito Reserve : What the Community Knew, $2,300.00
  • Dr Grace Maia Millar - The Wellington Clerical Workers Union Oral History Project, $4,800.00
  • Te Au Mārie 1769 Sestercentennial Charitable Trust - Mapping our Stories Oral History Project,  $6,300.00
  • Aaron Fox - Children of the Revolution: Communist Childhoods in New Zealand, $6,300.00
  • Renee Liang - A Place to Stand: Intergenerational Oral Histories of Croatians based in West Auckland, $4,800.00
  • Prue Langbein - Seven by Twelve – Voices of New Zealand Children, $6,750.00
  • Ross Webb - Drawing the line on Union Influence’: The Meat Workers Union and the Talleys / AFFco,  $6,000.00
  • Dr Nadia Gush - Out and About: Lesbian Social Life in the 1980s, $5,250.00
  • Joanna Petrie - Korero mai e te Whare. Ask that Whare, $6,375.00
  • Robyn Tauroa - Sailors Seeking Cultural Refuge,  $5,000.00
  • Melissa Matutina Williams & Whina Te Whiu - He Puna Maumahara no Te Unga Waka Marae: an enduring source of stories, 1966 – 2016, $10,000.

New Zealand Oral History Awards 2016

A total of $102,212 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Belinda De Mayo - The Northern Maori Schools’ Project 1954-1959 Stage II, $11,000.00
  • Jon and Sue Monk - An Oral History of ADIS International Ltd, $9,000.00
  • Federated Mountain Clubs Mountain and Forest Trust - Federated Mountain Clubs & Mountain and Forest Trust OHP, $5,000.00
  • Angela Middleton - Booth Brothers of Kerikeri OHP,  $6,300.00
  • Frances Edmond - An Oral History of the Living Theatre Troupe 1970-76, $7,132.00
  • Elisapeci Samanunu Waqanivala - Indigenous Fijian women and men in Wellington, $2,060.00
  • Stephanie Tibble  - St Joseph’s Maori Girl’s College 150th Anniversary OHP $9,375.00
  • Nadia Gush - Out and about: lesbian social life in the 1980s, $4,332.00
  • Pip Oldham - Butchers’ Stories OHP, Stage II, $8,240.00
  • Ruth Low - Stories from the Woolshed, $20,000.00
  • Grace Bateman and Paul Garbett - M.E. Voices: Young people living with an invisible disability, $9,975.00
  • Mike Smith - Rex Jones and Trade Union leadership in NZ 1983-2000, $5,298.00
  • Pacifica Mamas Arts Cultural Trust - Vaimutu Records 1985-2006, Cook Islanders and their journey in NZ through the music industry, $4,500.00

Awards in Oral History for 2015

A total of $54,717 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • An Oral History of the Samoana Rugby League Team (Otago, 1964-1967), $3,000
  • Coasters: Interviews with Westport Area Residents, $7,200
  • The Hatching of a New Approach to Conservation, $10,000
  • The Lebanese Community in Wellington. $2,258
  • New Zealand Society of Authors Oral History Project – Stage 111, $11,922
  • Rex Jones and Trade Union Leadership in New Zealand 1983-2000, $8,000
  • Takitaki Momotua, Vagahau Niue Trust, $3,000
  • Te Wharepora o Ngati Rangiwewehi: Weaving an Identity as Ngati Rangiwewehi, $7,500
  • VSA – Volunteers who Brought Back a Partner or Spouse, $1,837

Awards in Oral History for 2014

A total of $103,000 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Pacifica Arts Centre, $3,000.00 - The Stories of Pacifica Mamas and Papas
  • Ryan Bodman, $5,700.00 - Rugby League and working class culture in NZ
  • Daniel Beban and Nicole Gaston, $3,500.00 - The Braille Collective and Wellington’s Creative Music Community 1980-1990
  • Kayla Ratima, $2,600.00 - Oral histories of diasporic Ngati Porou descendants : 'Titiro ke uta ra, ke Hikurangi Maunga / Cast your gaze inward – inland – toward Hikurangi,’
  • Claire Hall, $20,000.00 - One, two, three, four! Protest Voices of NZ’s Vietnam War
  • Linda Hepburn and Ruth Low, $20,000.00 - History of Timaru’s commercial fishing industry
  • Caren Wilton, $8,300.00 - Selling Sex: the NZ sex industry
  • Rosemary Baird, $2,870.00 - Migrant’s Stories from the Manapouri Hydro 1966-1973
  • Pip Oldham, $8,700.00 - Butcher's Stories
  • Jeanette Roose Caritable Trust for Mercer Art & History Museum, $12,000.00 - Mercer the four R’s – Stories of the river, railway, Roose’s and rowing
  • Creative Arts Trust / Artsenta, $5000.00 - Creative Arts Trust / Artsenta: the first 25 years
  • Erloia Ifopo, $11,786.00 - Afio Mai Christchurch

Awards in Oral History for 2013

A total of nearly $100,000 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Loreen Brehaut, $5,245.00- Picton Freezing Works and its closure
  • Ian Dougherty, $2,518.00 - Hillside Railway Workshops
  • Jacqui Foley, $10,000.00 - Building Stories - Farm buildings in North Otago
  • Marina Fontein ,$7,000.00 - Lebanese in Wellington
  • Suzanne Gee, $6,000.00 - From Guangdong to Aotearoa, six New Zealand Chinese Women
  • Lynley Hargreaves, $3,734.00 - Vanishing Ice - New Zealand glaciology from 1960s to 1980s
  • Chris Mccann, $4,000.00 - Nassella Tussock Battle, Canterbury 1946-1990 - plant pest control
  • Jonathan Monk, $4,500.00 - Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre
  • Lala Rolls, $5,720.00 - Tupaia's Endeavour
  • Belinda De Mayo, $10,000.00 - The Northern Māori project - Art in schools 1954-59
  • John Dix, $2,000.00 - Bob Gillett - musician
  • Te Hiku Media, $8,000.00 - Te Aupōuri Treaty Settlement Journey
  • Tūhoe Mātauranga Trust, $8,000.00- Te Haumanu O Te Whenua - Tūhoe Claims
  • Helen Frizzell/Lesley Paris, $10,350.00 - The Dunedin Sound 1970s-1985
  • National Dance Archive, $11,110.00 - Creating a dance industry in New Zealand

 Awards in Oral History for 2012

A total of nearly $110,000 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Rosemary Baird, $10,885
    Manapouri Hydro 1966-73
  • Mary-Ellen O'Conner, $3,500
    Margaret Bazley
  • Barbara Inch, $2,000
    Christchurch Nurses 1971-74
  • Ruth Greenaway,$5,060
    Monte Cecilia Housing Trust
  • Jiff Stewart, $6,050
    VSA spouses of volunteers
  • Fiona Craig, $9,112
    Kaeo Post Office 1912-2012
  • Gareth Watkins, $7,000
    AIDS Support Network
  • Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou, $13,750
    Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou
  • Linda Hepburn and Ruth Low, $11,046
    South Canterbury stories
  • Marina Fontein, $1,000
    Lebanese community in Wellington
  • Pip Desmond, $9,434
    Exploring the roots of homelessness
  • Prue Langbein, $7,045
    Seven by Seven, Children's voices
  • Julie Benjamin, $9,400
    West Coasters Club, Auckland
  • Anna Cottrell, $13,937
    Women of the Chathams.


Awards in Oral History for 2011

A total of $120,000 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Deborah Dunsford, $10000
    Auckland beach suburb of Milford
  • NZ Association of Women Judges, $8500
    Women judges in New Zealand
  • Susan Fowke, $10000
    Gisborne and Tairawhiti citizens
  • Carol Dawber, $10900
    Golden Bay fishing history
  • National Dance Archive of New Zealand, $8820
    Māori and Pasifika men influential in NZ contemporary dance
  • Barbara Inch, $8000
    Christchurch School of Nursing graduates class 1971-1974
  • Emma Kelly, $820
    Older gay men in Auckland
  • Hineani Melbourne, $12056
    Nga Tama Toa
  • Helen Frizzell, $9850
    Formation and early period of the so-called Dunedin Sound
  • Ann Packer, $2856
    Richard Nunns
  • Caren Wilton, $13400
    The NZ sex industry workers
  • Erolia Ifopo and Sarah Hunter, $10000
    Samoan community in the Christchurch earthquakes
  • Julia Brooke-White, 11,000
    New Zealand Wildlife Service
  • Beth Shalom, $3900
    Beth Shalom Progressive Jewish Congregation.

Awards in Oral History for 2010

A total of $94,738 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Shona McCahon, $15000
    Australian conservation covenants
  • Athina Tsoulis, Evangelia Papoutsaki, $30000
    Greek female immigrants to NZ – 1960s
  • Bronwyn Hanna, $5000
    Australia ICOMOS Burra Charter
  • Alison Laurie, $11300
    Australian influences on lesbian and gay communities in NZ
  • Honiana Love, $12500
    Taranaki iwi in Australia
  • Penny Brander, $ 5000
    Funeral directors in Australia and NZ
  • Linda Hepburn, Ruth Low, $5953
    Cross Tasman migration from a small community – 1950s
  • Gareth Watkins, $ 9985
    AIDS Memorial Quilt – NZ/Australia

Awards in Oral History for 2009

A total of $101,500 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Loreen Brehaut, $ 5000
    Interviews with six Picton train drivers, past and present
  • Nigel Hampton, Chairperson, $5000
    Saving Knowledge – Okains Bay Maori and Colonial Museum
  • Caren Wilton, $6000
    Selling sex: the NZ sex industry
  • Paulette Wallace, $1500
    Somes Islanders: A social history of life on Matiu/Somes 1965 - 2005
  • Whangarei Libraries (Friends of the Library), $ 10000
    ‘Honouring Seniors’ Whangarei District OHP
  • Northland Parents of Deaf Children Inc, $12000
    Northland Mothers of Deaf Adults
  • Rev Rangi Nicholson, $5000
    Māori language interviews in the Anglican Diocese of Te Hui Amorangi o Te Manawa o te Wheke
  • Lyne Pringle, $8000
    Riding the Crest of a Wave: Early Members of Impulse Dance Theatre and Limbs Dance Company
  • Gareth Watkins, $8000
    So Now We Are Legal (Post Homosexual Law Reform – interviews with younger LGBTI community members)
  • Shelley Seay,  $6000
    The effect of the Wahine disaster, April 10 1968: Personal stories from survivors, crew and rescuers
  • Helen Frizzell, Judith Fyfe, Megan Hutching, Pip Oldham,   $35,000
    Mrs Schumacher’s Gems: Domestic life in New Zealand in the 1940s and 1950s

Awards in Oral History for 2008

A total of $60,500 has been granted to the following groups and individuals:

  • Arts Foundation of New Zealand, $6500
    Arts Foundation of New Zealand Heritage Project Interviews with eight recipients of the Icon Awards – including Diggerress Te Kanawa, Maurice Gee, Margaret Mahy and Ans Westra.
  • Otaki Bank Heritage Preservation Trust, $ 2000
    The Changing Face of Te Horo
  • Roger Smith, $11000
    Composing New Zealand – life histories of six senior composers in Aotearoa/New Zealand – including Jenny McLeod, Jack Body and Gillian Whitehead
  • AC Productions (Anna Cottrell), $12000
    Facing the Future – stories of new New Zealanders Histories of refugees from Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq and Burma.
  • Damian Skinner, Tairarwhiti Museum of Art and History, $3700
    Watersheds: Nga Wai Pupu – an oral history of the Tairawhiti Region
  • Hutching, Megan, $12000
    Bridge 4232: and oral history of Auckland Harbour Bridge 1959-2009
  • Margaret McClure, $ 5800
    ‘When a happy marriage turns to custard’ Women’s divorce stories form the 1950s and 1960s
  • Shona McCahon, $7500
    The founding of landscape architecture in New Zealand

Awards in Oral History for 2007

  • Jane Moodie, Hungarian oral history project: a record of Hungarian refugees who fled Hungary after the 1956 revolution, $7450
  • Susan Foster, Recorded interviews with New Zealand cartoonists, $8250
  • New Zealand Theatre Archive, The emergence of professional theatre in post-World War II New Zealand, $4000
  • Hanna Scott, Studio La Gonda: a large-format legacy (photography), $4000
  • Kirsty McCully, Cleaners – standing up and speaking out, $5000
  • Lyne Pringle, Dancing competitions in Dunedin, 1940-1990, $5000
  • Catherine Tracey, An oral history of tradeswomen in Aotearoa/New Zealand, $5000
  • Kotare Trust, The people behind the poster: reflecting activism in Aotearoa, $5000
  • Charlotte Museum Trust, Charlotte Museum oral herstories training project, $2000  

Awards in Oral History for 2006

  • Beverly Kearse, NZ Association of Psychotherapists 60th celebration project, $2000
  • Kelburn Municipal Croquet Club, An oral history of Kelburn Municipal Croquet Club, $2000
  • St Andrews on The Terrace convenors, An oral history of St Andrews on The Terrace Presbyterian Church, Wellington, $2500
  • Auckland War Memorial Museum, 21 Infantry Battalion Association oral history project, $5000
  • Vincent Ward, The worlds of Puhi Tatu, $5000
  • Loreen Brehaut, Tory Channel whalers' families and Whekenui School project, $5600
  • Mary-Lou Harris, 'We will fight them on the beeches' – an oral history of Native Forest Action, $6000
  • Ruth Low, Droving in the South Island, $6000                              
  • Friends of the Police Museum, Māori Police project, $6000
  • Te Hui Amorangi ki Te Manawa o te Wheke, Māori language interviews in the Anglican archdeaconries of Waiariki and Waiwhakaari, $6500                   
  • Nicola Robertson, NZ Ski Heritage oral history project, $7000
  • Wellington Girls' College Jubilee committee, 125th Jubilee oral history project, $7000
  • Paul Diamond, An oral history of Māori who served in the Vietnam War – a pilot study, $9000 
  • GridHeritage, An oral history of Māori linemen working on the national grid, 1945-2005, $10,000     

Awards in Oral History for 2005

  • Lyne Pringle, Dancing competitions in Dunedin, $2000
  • Thames, School of Mines Museum,Thames School of Mines oral history project, $3000
  • Cynthia Matthews, A place in the sun: 50 years of the arts in Kerikeri, $3000
  • Christine Tuapola, Alofa Atu I Kalaisetete – Bring on the 60s (Samoan migration to Christchurch in the 1960s), $3520
  • Te Rawhiti oral history group, I Tupu Ake Au Ki Te Rawhiti – an oral history of Te Rawhiti, $4500  
  • Sally Schoon, Herbert Gardens oral history project, $4520
  • Tairua Oral History Group, Tairua local history project, $4600      
  • Susan Foster, Interviews with New Zealand cartoonists, $4900  
  • Kitty Chang, Oral history of Chinese women in New Zealand, $5000          
  • Matthew Leonard, The Burmese community in Aotearoa/New Zealand, $5000                 
  • Max Quinn, An oral/visual history of New Zealand's early role in Antarctica, $5000                    
  • Tasman Bays Heritage Trust, Nelson Provincial Museum oral history project, $5000    
  • Waitakere Library & Information Services, The Crown Lynn story, $5000       
  • McKenzie Centre Community Trust, Power & Passion – Waitaki hydro scheme, $5500       
  • Fiona Clayton, Footloose & Fancy Free (people with physical disabilities), $6000  
  • Seahorse World Science Heritage and Education Trust, Oral history of Cook Strait whalers based in Tory Channel, $6000     
  • Waipuna o Hokianga, Oral history of Lake Omapere, Tai Tokerau, $6200            

Awards in Oral History for 2004

  • Carly Pokaia, $1000, Grassroots (whāngai adoption)
  • Anand Naran, $1420, How the tables have turned (oral history of DJs)
  • NZ Theatre Archive, $1500, The emergence of professional theatre in post-World War II New Zealand
  • Rowan Taylor, $2500, People of the lake: interviews with Pakeha fishers of Lake Ellesmere
  • Erolia Ifopo, $3000, Alofa atu I Kalaisetete: From Samoa to Christchurch with love
  • Phillip & Andrew Moore, $3000, A golden era in NZ skateboarding
  • Martin Rumsby, $3000, Film artist interviews
  • Ruth Greenaway, $3500, Otautahi/Christchurch peace stories project
  • Helen Beaglehole, $3900, Lighthouse keepers
  • Adele Broadbent, $5000, Volunteer Service Abroad volunteers of the 60s and 70s
  • Patrick Coleman, $5000, Loyal Orange Institution in the South Island
  • Jacqui Foley, $5000, Project Aqua oral history collection
  • Pip Oldham, $5080, Mike Walker: Levin-based film maker and photographer
  • Henry Chan, $5800, Chinese war refugees who arrived in NZ 1939 and 1940

Awards in Oral History for 2003

  • Lois Webster, Siu ki moana, $1000
  • New Zealand Theatre Archive, Development of professional theatre in the early ‘60s, $2000
  • Paekakariki Informed Community Inc, Paekakariki—Telling Our Story, $2140
  • Patricia Wallace, An oral history of Ngati Porou weaver, Nanny Whai Pooti Hitchiner, $2500
  • Friends of Porirua Hospital Museum, Oral history project, $3386
  • Denis Grennell, Ngati Kinohaku: Recording the oral histories of the last generation to grow up on Ngati Kinohaku marae, $3500
  • NZ Cartoon Archive Trust, New Zealand cartoonists, $3916
  • Helen Bollinger, West Coast oral history project: Hidden Treasure, $4050
  • Jacqui Foley, Harbour/Tyne St oral history project, Stage II , $4426
  • Sydney J Shep, Documenting Wellington’s rural heritage: An oral history of the Horokiwi rural community, $4735
  • Museum of Transport & Technology, Aviation Memories, $4750
  • Ruth Low, An oral history of the lives and works of drovers in Feilding and district, $5295
  • Tung Jung Assn of NZ, An oral history of Chinese migration to New Zealand, $5330
  • Wellington Niue Island Assn Inc, ‘We came to work and educate our children in this strange land’ , $5550
  • Auckland Sexual Abuse Help Foundation,  Auckland Sexual Abuse Help oral history project , $5850
  • Amnesty International NZ, ‘Pacific Solution’ refugee interview project, $8000
  • Mary Donald, Art Taranaki, $8000

Awards in Oral History for 2002

  • Godley Head Heritage Trust, Oral history project, $1000
  • Jane Reeves, Tying the knot with tangata whenua, $1200
  • Te Ora Hou-Te-Tairawhiti, Nga korero maumahara, $1500
  • Wellington Rugby Football Union, An oral history of the WRFU, $3230
  • Picton Historical Society, Marlborough Sounds oral history project, $3650
  • Ngaroimata White-Winiata, Nga korero o nehera o Ngatiwai, $3700
  • Carmen Dalli, Maltese emigrants to NZ, $4000
  • Linda Cassells, Oral history of NZ publishing, $4134
  • Sandra Kay Robertson, To Rest in Peace, Stage 2, $4250
  • Anthony Haas, Being Palagi, $5000
  • Samoa Project, Samoan stories of migration, $5154
  • Jonathan Kennett, Cycling in New Zealand, $5632.50
  • Hunter Productions and Galue Malosi, Alofa atu I Kalaisetete—from Samoa to Christchurch with love, $5800
  • Nicola Robertson, Lyndhurst Country Women's Institute, $5900
  • Liz Catherall, PHG's war: NZ sappers in World War II, $6000
  • Women's Electoral Lobby (NZ), WEL Women who made a difference, $6180
  • Sarah Gaitanos, The life and theatre of Nola Millar, $6600
  • Shear History Trust, Life in the Sheds, $7000

Awards in Oral History for 2002

  • Rex Bloomfield and Glen Rowling, Sandy Bay Marahau oral history project , $800
  • Godley Head Heritage Trust, Oral history project, $1000
  • Jane Reeves, Tying the knot with tangata whenua, $1200
  • Te Ora Hou-Te-Tairawhiti, Nga korero maumahara, $1500
  • Wellington Rugby Football Union, An oral history of the WRFU, $3230
  • Picton Historical Society, Marlborough Sounds oral history project, $3650
  • Ngaroimata White-Winiata, Nga korero o nehera o Ngatiwai, $3700
  • Carmen Dalli, Maltese emigrants to New Zealand, $4000
  • Linda Cassells, Oral history of New Zealand publishing, $4134
  • Sandra Kay Robertson, To Rest in Peace, Stage 2, $4250
  • Anthony Haas, Being Palagi, $5000
  • Samoa Project, Samoan stories of migration, $5154
  • Jonathan Kennett, Cycling in New Zealand, $5632.50
  • Hunter Productions and Galue Malosi, Alofa atu I Kalaisetete—from Samoa to Christchurch with love, $5800
  • Nicola Robertson, Lyndhurst Country Women's Institute, $5900
  • Liz Catherall, PHG's war: New Zealand sappers in World War II, $6000
  • Women's Electoral Lobby (NZ), WEL Women who made a difference, $6180
  • Sarah Gaitanos, The life and theatre of Nola Millar, $6600
  • Shear History Trust, Life in the Sheds, $7000

Awards in Oral History for 2001

  • Zana Bell, Alice Horley: Auckland's first woman doctor — $1500
  • Hauraki Māori Wardens Assn, Aroha ki te tangata — $2615
  • Agricultural Heritage Museum, Agricultural/colonial oral history project — $3000
  • Anthony van Raat.  New Zealand architects talking about their work — $3000
  • Joseph Romanos & Don Neely, The Basin: A history of the Basin Reserve — $3000
  • Noel Waite, History of printing in Otago — $3491.50
  • Barbara Adams, An oral history of Tawa women — $3555
  • Alana Burney, Tahae Trainor and the 28 Māori Battalion — $3571
  • David Harrowfield, Historic sites in Ross Dependency, Antarctica — $3800 + GST
  • Grace Hutton, Sewn pictures: Tivaevae stories — $4000
  • Janice Wilson, The stitch of history — $4000
  • Ngati Kahungunu Iwi, Customary fishing research — $5000 + GST
  • Sue McCauley, Oral history of New Zealand TB sanatorium patients — $5400 + GST
  • Rachael Selby & Anne Thorpe, Otaki oral history project — $6000
  • Moana Maniapoto, Nga morehu — $9750 + GST
  • Te Tai o Marokura, Ngati Kuri: traditional use of indigenous plants, $1000

Awards in Oral History for 2000

  • Tararua Tramping Club, Oral history project with older members—$1000
  • Peter Whitelock, Newtown, Old Town: aspects of the social history of the suburb—$1000
  • Anna Soutar, Auckland Civic Theatre—$1400
  • Ann Trotter, Little Company of Mary in New Zealand—$1500
  • Hilary Stace, Thorndon School : 150 years of innovative inner-city education—$1650
  • Christopher Bourke, The Tangiwai disaster—$2000
  • Te Kahui Kaumatua Kaunihera o Nga Iwi o Taranaki, Taahuhu Korero o Taranaki—$3000
  • NZ Jewish Council, Jewish women in education—$3170
  • Dorothy McMenamin, Identity and status of Anglo-Indians in colonial India and New Zealand—$3500
  • Deborah Dunsford, Childhood in the Kumeu-Huapai district—$3600
  • Kim Morton, Raoul Island history project—$4500
  • Janice Aplin, Vintage Years: the wine industry in New Zealand—$5000
  • Sandra Robertson, To Rest in Peace: parents of people with intellectual disabilities—$5000
  • Jill Abigail, Otaki Citizens' Advice Bureau oral history project—$5000
  • Pukapuka Community of NZ, Pukapuka oral history project—$6000
  • Gisborne Museum & Arts Centre, Kapa Haka O Te Tairawhiti oral history project—$6088
  • Upper Hutt City Library, Oral history project—$6700
  • Jacqui Foley, An oral history of Harbour/Tyne St, Oamaru—$7985
  • Barry Rigby/David Young, Oral history of Waitangi Tribunal—$12,000

Awards in Oral History for 1999

  • Heritage Hokitika Society, Heritage Hokitika oral history project—$500
  • Governors Bay Heritage Trust, Oral histories of Governors Bay identities—$1000
  • Kerry Sinclair, Glenorchy 'deer wars' project—$1000
  • Mental Health Division Oral History Group. Sunnyside Hospital oral history project—$1500
  • Joel Zwartz. Early years of cave exploration in New Zealand—$1500
  • Mei Meri Solomon, Te Tatau Matua-our fathers' A Company, the 28 Māori Battalion—$1850
  • Te Runanga o Te Rarawa, Te Runanga o Te Rarawa oral history project—$2000
  • Hutt Valley Community Arts Centre, Oral histories from work sites in Petone and Lower Hutt—$2000
  • Elizabeth Hakaraia, Interviews with William Kerekere and Henare Te Ua—$3000
  • Whanganui Riverboat Restoration Trust, Riverboat stories from the Whanganui River—$3500
  • National Dance Archive of New Zealand, Prominent New Zealanders in dance history—$4000
  • Sunita Singh, Ocean Beach bach community project—$4500
  • Anna Rogers, New Zealand women nurses serving overseas, Boer War to Vietnam—$4600
  • Vera Egermayer, Oral histories of Czech immigrants to New Zealand, 1930s to present—$5000
  • Margaret McClure, Women on Divorce, 1950–1970—$5000
  • Wellington Women's Studies Association, Feminist oral history project—$5890
  • Trade Union History Project, Toa Wahine: the changing role of women in New Zealand trade unions—$7000
  • Anna Cottrell, Tales from the Pacific: New Zealanders in the Pacific in WW II—$8000
  • New Zealand Society of Authors, NZSA/PEN oral history project—$11,000
  • Phillipa Desmond, Te Aroha Trust women-then and now: the life stories of gang women in the 1970s—$11,000

Awards in Oral History for 1998

  • Wairarapa Cultural Trust, Oral history of 5 Wairarapa artists—$1000
  • New Zealand Family Daycare Association, 10 year anniversary history—$1500
  • Sharon Whittle, George Havell: 20th century reminiscences—$1786
  • Tessa Mitchell and Ben Holmes, Biography of Bob Lowry—$1858
  • Southland Oral History Project, Recording the past for the future—$2000
  • The Women's Gallery, 'Getting Free': oral history study of violence, resilience and recovery—$4000
  • IHC New Zealand, Oral history project—$4100
  • Damian Skinner, Theo Schoon—oral history project—$4100
  • Patsy Deverall, Biography of Yvonne Rust—$4600
  • Hamilton Public Library, Hamilton architects, 1930–1990—$5000
  • Jonathan Kennett, Oral history of the Tongariro Forest—$5000
  • NAC 50th Anniversary Society, NAC oral history project—$5000
  • Piha Community Library, Piha oral history project—$5000
  • Nga Taonga a Nga Tama Toa Trust, World War I Māori servicemen—$7000
  • New Zealand CCS Dunedin, Oral history of CCS in Dunedin since 1935—$7500
  • Jane Waddell, The player kings—$8000
  • Te Wananga o Raukawa, Oral history of Rangiatea—$8000
  • Haining St Oral History Group, Haining St oral history project—$8100

Awards in Oral History for 1997

  • Lower Hutt Women's Centre, Oral history project—$2000
  • Suzanne MacAulay, Oral history of 'professional' exiles in Wanganui—$2000
  • Sisters of Mercy, Oral history project—$2420
  • Adrienne Simpson, A social history of women's cricket—$2421
  • Hirini Reedy, Biculturalism in the New Zealand Army—$2500
  • New Zealand Association of Citizen's Advice Bureaux, Oral history project—$3000
  • Hawkes Bay Cultural Trust, Reflecting on disaster: Reminiscences from the survivors of New Zealand's worst natural disaster—$3900
  • Parekawhia McLean, Oral traditions and life stories of Ngati Mahanga Waikato—$4660
  • First Church of Otago, First church oral history project—$4749
  • Jane Collins, Identity issues for people of mixed Māori/Pakeha descent—$4912
  • New Zealand Medical Women's Association, Stories of diversity and success—women in medicine—$6318
  • Gore Historical Museum, Gore community oral history project—$6859
  • Kahungunu Māori Executive, Rakaipaka oral history project—$7119
  • Elizabeth Catherall, Tui contribution to World War II—$10,000
  • Tanenuiorangi Manawatu, Pu korero o Rangitane—$10,000
  • Golden Shears Society, Past champions oral history project—$10,000

Awards in Oral History for 1996

  • Te Aute College Archives Committee, Te Aute College Archives—$1000
  • S.N. Berghan, Paroa Rugby and Sports Club 75th anniversary memories—$1200
  • Project Port Lyttelton, Port Lyttelton oral history—$1670
  • Mangawhai Historical Society, Memories of early families from Mangawhai and Hakaru—$2000
  • Bainham Reunion Committee, History heritage of Bainham—$2050
  • Alexandra District Historical Society, A Taste of Gold: an oral history of stone fruit growing Conroy's Gully, Alexandra—$2400
  • Judith Holloway, Pincher Martin Seamen's Union President—$3140
  • Tarewa Rota, Kaka Niao—He mau korero no te ao tauwhito—$3270
  • Haining St Oral History Group, Haining St oral history project—$3780
  • Jennie Gallagher, Women and mountaineering 1920-1950—$5000
  • Julian McCarthy, What did you do in the war Daddy?—$5000
  • Felicity Stacey-Clark, Onekaka Ironworks—an oral history—$5258
  • Te Iwi o Te Roroa, Te Roroa Māori life histories project—$5300
  • Barry Thomas, The Cuba Project—$9107
  • Jerome Cvitanovich, Migrants of former Yugoslavia—$9213
  • Jill Pierce, Life stories of single parent families—$10,000
  • Punga Productions, Oral history of contemporary Māori theatre since 1960—$10,000

Awards in Oral History for 1995

  • Te Awamutu District Museum, Recording memories of VE and VJ Days in Te Awamutu—$500
  • Helensville and District Historical Society, Māori memories of the Kaipara—$1000
  • Leslie Clare, Oral history of the New Zealand wool trade—$1500
  • Hawkes Bay Oral History Project—$2000
  • Vicki Jones ,Ngahinepouri oral history project—$2000
  • Rachel Lord, Artists and artisans of Banks Peninsula—$2000
  • Maija Vasils, Latvians in New Zealand from 1950—$2000
  • Lois Webster, Some oral histories of the Tongan community—$2000
  • Dunedin YWCA, Y Auxiliary oral history project—$2000
  • Museum of Transport and Technology, Oral archive of people who flew in or worked on the Lancaster Bomber and the Teal Solent Flying Boat—$2500,
  • New Zealand Education InstituteTe Riu Roa, Neville Lambert Memorial Oral Archive — $2500,
  • Michael Walsh, Whanaungatanga: Nga Rauru me Ngati Wehiwehi—$2500
  • Senorita Laukau, The settling of the Tongan people in the Hutt Valley—$3000
  • Adam Gifford and Shane Jones, Nga Rangatira: Māori leadership in the 1990s—$4000
  • Sarah Gaitanos, Te Kura Toi Whakaari o Aotearoa: New Zealand Drama School—$4800
  • Julia Bradshaw, Haast oral history project—$5000
  • Lois Cox, Life stories of older lesbian women—$5000
  • Jacqueline Foley, Life stories of Northern Irish immigrants—$5000
  • Helen Harte, Māori childbirth in the 1930s—$5000
  • Tui and Evelyn Macdonald, Race relations then and now: Māori/Pakeha relationships—$5000
  • Ian Robertson, Wellington City Transport European migrants project—$5000
  • C Company 28 Māori Battalion Research Committee, C Company, 28 Māori Battalion history—$5000

Awards in Oral History for 1994

  • R. and J. Paton, Labour movement oral history project—$1173
  • Claire Loftus Nelson, Birth stories—$2000
  • Jennifer Briars, Oral history of the German settlement of Sarau—$2300
  • YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley, YWCA oral history project—$2156.50
  • Wellington Maritime Museum, Fishing for history—$2500
  • Gabrielle Huria, Life stories of Noeline and George Fife—$3000
  • James Allan, Gay men in Aotearoa—$3000
  • Greater Green Island Oral History Memory Bank, Oral history project—$3000
  • Anne Noble, Takahanga Marae project—$2744
  • Jeanne Lomax, Memories of Tokelau-born New Zealand women—$3200
  • Wellington Huntington's Disease Association, Stories of those affected by Huntington's Disease—$3500
  • Nari Shakti, Indian women in Aotearoa—$3650
  • Prisoners' Aid and Rehabilitation Society, Oral history project—$4000
  • R.T.V. Linnell, History of the army in New Zealand during World War II—$4000
  • Hana Te Hemara, Nga Tamatoa: nga korero whakapuaki—$5000
  • Te Reo Irirangi o Ngati Kahungunu, Ngati Kahungunu oral history project—$5000
  • Te Runanga o Ngati Kuia, Oral history of Ngati Kuia—$5000
  • Kerry Taylor, Participants in the 1951 waterfront lockout—$7000
  • Pefi Kingi, Profiles of our Pacific mothers—$7000

Awards in Oral History for 1993

  • Te Awamutu Historical Society, History of Pirongia—$1000
  • Cleone Blomfield, Three women who came to Middlemarch—$500
  • Peggy Crawford, A century of orphans and orphanages in New Zealand—$1500
  • Susan Fowke, The Dames—$5000
  • Jacqueline Gallagher, Reading, Writing, and Rosaries—$2000
  • Bradford Haami, The life of Dr Golan Maaka—$7000
  • Helensville and District Historical Society, Oral History research, Kaipara area—$1000
  • Murray Hemi, Mangakino-Ngati Moe Heartland—$8000
  • Hutt Valley Branch National Council of Women, NCW narratives from a century—$12,000
  • Frances Katene, Oral Herstories of Ngatitoa women—$1900
  • Colin McColl, Creation and development of Downstage Theatre—$4550
  • Manawatu Museum, Manawatu and its people—$7000
  • Merivale Community Group, Merivale-Tauranga Oral History Project—$7000
  • Moana Moeka'a, Beginnings of the PIC Church in New Zealand—$1500
  • New Zealand Association of the Blind and Partially Blind, 50th anniversary history—$5000
  • Otago Maritime Society, Merchant Navy Oral History Project—$1500
  • Jane Poetsch and Natasha Hammond, Tukorehe and its people—$1500
  • Rangahau-a-Iwi Trust, Traditional hoe waka in Te Arawa—$2500
  • Straightline Youth Development Trust, Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana—the man, the prophet, the politician—$3000
  • Jane Waddell. The Player Queens—$7000
  • Whanganui Regional Museum, The men in our lives—$9000
  • Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Wellington Branch, Oral history of older WILPF members—$2500

Awards in Oral History for 1992

  • Marie Burgess, Oral history of nurses and midwives—$7200
  • Karen Davis, Oral history of Te Roopu Rawakore o Aotearoa—$10,000
  • Joy Green, The changing role of stock and station firms in North Otago—$3650
  • Rawene Library, Rawene Oral Archives—$495
  • Merania Kapete and Helen Frizzell, Women and work, paid and unpaid—$2852
  • B. and I. Maguire, Catholic education in Gisborne, 1894-1994—$500
  • Robyn Mason, Study of a bach community in the southern Wairarapa—$1500
  • Halina Ogonowska-Coates, Oral history of J-Force members—$5530
  • Alison Parr, Post-war psychological experience of World War II veterans and their families—$10,000
  • Bruce Petry, Oral history of architecture post-World War II—$5589
  • New Zealand-Netherlands Foundation, Oral history of Dutch immigrants—$10,000
  • Pepe and Christine Robertson, Tama'ita'i Samoa: Ladies of Samoa—$10,000
  • Turoa Royal, Oral history of Ngati Kikopiri—$1019
  • Monty Soutar, Centennial history of the Hiruharama District, 1895-1995—$12,000
  • Hilary Stace, Wadestown Playcentre, 1942-92—$300

Awards in Oral History for 1991

  • Jan Bolwell, Some key personalities in New Zealand dance—$1466
  • Hobson Wharf Maritime Museum, Oral history archive—$5000
  • Taranaki Museum, Petrochemical industry—$5000
  • Hamilton Public Library, Dinsdale Community Oral History Project—$4000
  • Alison Gray, Mothers and daughters—$5000
  • Waipatu Marae Committee, Nga tikanga o Heretaunga—$7500
  • Rawene Public Library, Rawene oral archives—$1231
  • Haare Williams, Recording the living repositories of whaikorero—$5000
  • Helen Jordan, Great Barrier Island: a study of its people—$1576
  • Women with Benefits Network, Women parenting alone, 1945-1990—$7500
  • Maniapoto Māori Trust Board, Maniapoto Māori oral history research—$7500
  • Paul Madgwick, Kati Mahaki kaumatua—$800
  • Patrick Parsons, Nga morehu—$5000
  • Barry Rigby, Remembering the Mau: E Le Galo Le Mau—$7500
  • Jeremy Rose, Pakeha and Māori of the East Cape: their lives and relationship to the land—$4000
  • Waikato District Committee New Zealand Historic Places Trust, Huntly coalfields oral history project—$7500
  • Jane Tolerton, Convent girls—$5000
  • Masterton Public Library, Tinui Flood—$1000
  • Ngati Koata Trust, The gathering of treasures for the iwi of Ngati Koata—$5000
  • Sr Bernadette Mary Wrack, The early history of the Sisters of Compassion—$1500.


Updated on 1st April 2022