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Radio New Zealand (RNZ) Amendment Bill

The Radio New Zealand Amendment Bill updates Radio New Zealand’s Charter.  

Under Section 7 (4) of the Radio New Zealand Act 1995, RNZ’s Charter must be reviewed by the House of Representatives every five years.  The second review was conducted in 2005/06.

The Charter is a statement of RNZ’s statutory functions, the purposes for which the government owns and funds it.  The revised text makes a stronger statement about RNZ’s role as a public broadcaster and is drafted and organised to make it more accessible to the general public.

The Radio New Zealand Bill was introduced to the House of Representatives on 2 June 2009.  The Select Committee report was tabled on 16 December 2009.   The second reading took place in May 2015.

The passing of the Radio New Zealand Amendment Bill occurred on 30 March 2016. Section 8 of the Bill, covering the revised Charter, provides the multi-media broadcaster with the impetus to take advantage of the most effective means of delivery to reach its audiences.

Bill ensures ongoing success for RNZ

More information about the Bill is available on Parliament's website.

Parliament's website.

Updated on 7th October 2019