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New Zealand's Vietnam War : a history of combat, commitment and controversy

The Vietnam War was New Zealand's most controversial military experience of the twentieth century and carried significant implications for subsequent policy-making and public debate about national security.

Ian McGibbon's official history New Zealand's Vietnam War records what New Zealand did during the Vietnam War of 1963-1975.  It covers the activities and experience of the New Zealanders who went to South Vietnam not only in military units but also in medical and aid teams. It also addresses the problems experienced by Vietnam veterans in the aftermath of the war. It complements Roberto Rabel's earlier volume on the diplomatic, political and social dimensions of New Zealand's involvement entitled New Zealand and the Vietnam War published in September 2005.  With a Roll of Honour and an awards lists found in the book's appendices, this publication recognises the efforts of the men and women who served in the Vietnam War.  This book is published by Exisle Publishing.

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Updated on 23rd July 2015