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Korean War oral history publication

In March 2013, we published 'The War that never ended : New Zealand veterans remember Korea' as told to Pip Desmond.

More than 6,000 New Zealanders served in the Korean War during the early 1950s. Many were volunteer members of Kayforce in search of adventure. Others sailed on the six navy frigates that plied Korean waters as part of the United Nations forces. Forty-five Kiwis lost their lives in this Cold War conflict that, decades later, remains unresolved. But the camaraderie among those who survived continues.

Based on in-depth interviews, The War That Never Ended records the memories of 12 of those veterans - gunners, signallers, seamen, a mechanic, dispatch rider, dentist, engineer and official photographer. The men tell intimate and often surprising stories, from the rigours of manning 25-pounder guns to survival in bitter cold; from the horror of lifting mines to the delight of finding puha in the paddy fields. Honest, poignant and sometimes humorous, these unique accounts provide a fascinating snapshot of Kiwi involvement in what has been dubbed 'the forgotten war' - one in which peace has yet to be declared.

This book is published by Penguin Books. Contact your local bookstore for assistance in purchasing a copy.

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New Zealand in the Korean War.

Updated on 23rd July 2015