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What We Do

Our work is as diverse as the sector we support. We research New Zealand and provide rich online resources like Te Ara the Encyclopedia of New Zealand. We produce books, advise government and look after New Zealand's national treasures. We tend to work behind the scenes, helping the people and organisations that contribute to making our culture thrive.

Tohu Whenua

Discover, experience and enjoy the places that have shaped New Zealand and created our stories. Tohu Whenua are the places that have shaped Aotearoa New Zealand. Located in stunning landscapes and rich with stories, they offer some of our best heritage experiences.


We're involved in a wide range of projects, all aimed at enhancing New Zealand's rich and diverse culture and heritage. Learn more about our current projects.

Agency boards & nominations

Interested in serving on a Crown Arts, Heritage, Broadcasting or Sport board? The Ministry supports Ministers in appointments to around 15 Crown entity and other Crown organisations in our sector.

Websites we run

We produce a number of websites bringing New Zealand's culture and heritage online.

Te Tai Treaty Settlement Stories

Check out the Ministry's Te Tai Whakaea Treaty Settlement Stories (Te Tai) which seeks to collect, preserve and share the broad & multi-faceted history of Treaty settlements.