Individuals or organisations developing Tuia related commemorative activity are welcome to use the official Tuia - Encounters 250 logo.

The logo references waka hourua (double-hulled voyaging canoes) and tall ship rigging, Pacific binding, raranga (weaving), the shape of a hull and the inter-lacing of our dual heritage. The key font used in the logo ‘Bodoni’ was designed in the late 18th century and was seen at that time to embody the future and ‘the rational thinking of the Enlightenment’.

The logo acts as a signpost to the public that an initiative or activity is connected to the wider Tuia Encounters - 250 commemoration.

Download the Tuia 250 logos

Read the Tuia - Encounters 250 brand guidelines [36 MB].

Download the JPG format zip file of Tuia 250 logos [1 MB].

Download the EPS format zip file of Tuia 250 logos [10 MB].

Note the zip files also contain white overlay files which you may not see when you open the files, but you can overlay over the colours of your choice.

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage reserves the right to ask individuals to remove the logo from their project if it is used in an inappropriate manner.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the use of the logo.

What the Tuia 250 logo looks like

Example of how the logo may be used with your colours and pictures:


Updated on 10th December 2018