Tuia karakia

Kia whakarongo ake au I listen
Ki te tangi a te manu nei To the cry of the bird
A te Mātūī The Mātūī
“Tūī, tūī, tuituia” Calling “tūī, tūī, tuituia”
Tuia i runga That it be woven above
Tuia i raro As it is below
Tuia i waho Woven without
Tuia i roto As it is within
Tuia i te here tāngata Interwoven with the threads of humanity
Ka rongo te pō Felt in innocence
Ka rongo te ao And in consciousness
Tuia i te muka tāngata Intertwined with the threads of humankind
I takea mai i Hawaiki-Nui Born from Great-Hawaiki
I Hawaiki-Roa, i Hawaiki-Pāmamao From Far-Hawaiki, from Long-Distant-Hawaiki
Oti rā me ērā atu anō Hawaiki And hence all other Hawaiki
Te hono a wairua The merging of spirits
Whakaputa ki Te Whaiao Out in to the World of Light
Ki Te Ao Mārama Life, knowledge, and illumination
Tihe mauri ora! Sneeze oh living spirit, dynamic life-force, life-principle!


The kaupapa

The commemoration will mark the first onshore encounters between Māori and Europeans during the first voyage of James Cook and the HMS Endeavour in 1769 to Aotearoa New Zealand.

The commemoration is about also telling the stories and histories of the Māori communities who had been established in Aotearoa for hundreds of years and had voyaging traditions of their own.

Tuia 250 will be an opportunity to recognise these exceptional feats of Pacific / Māori and European voyaging that brought us together, to reflect on our history of migration and settlement, and discuss the kind of nation we want for the future.

Commemoration Themes

  • Dual Heritage, Shared Future –presenting a balanced and honest history to better understand each other, and build a strong foundation for a shared future
  • The meeting of two great voyaging traditions (Pacific and European)
  • 1000 years of Pacific voyaging and celestial navigation
  • Science, technology, innovation and mātauranga Māori
  • Creating legacies for all New Zealanders.

A Māori man and Joseph Banks exchanging a crayfish for a piece of cloth, drawing by Tupaia, c. 1769. Source : Wikipedia

Updated on 22nd February 2018