Discover, experience and enjoy the places that have shaped our nation and created our stories.

Tohu Whenua is the new name for a successful programme identifying and celebrating the significant historic and cultural places of Aotearoa. Tohu Whenua acknowledges memories of the land, marking places made significant by our forebears and telling their stories. 


The name change from Landmarks coincides with the South Island’s West Coast selection as the third Tohu Whenua region, with a formal launch of chosen sites timed for early December 2018. Whether you’re a New Zealander or a visitor, you can gain a deeper understanding of who we were and who we are today by visiting Tohu Whenua sites.



Māngungu Mission, site of the third and largest signing of the Treaty of Waitangi (photo by Grant Sheehan) and Ken Gillespie promoting Hayes Engineering Works (photo by Claudia Babirat).


Northland is home to many significant sites that helped shape our nation, and was the first region to become part of the Tohu Whenua programme.


We've extended Tohu Whenua into the Otago region with more sites to be added. Discover the Otago Tohu Whenua.


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