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Te Ara Taonga

This website is a place for iwi to use as a touchpoint to find information across agencies that support tiaki taonga.  The information held on these websites does not show absolutely everything that agencies can offer you, and we encourage you to contact the agencies to find out specific information that is tailored for your iwi.

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About us

Find out about the public sector (cultural agencies), what we do, how we work together, key contacts and how we can work with you during and after the settlement process.

Iwi telling your stories

Providing opportunities for iwi to develop and tell your stories and rich history within the iwi, to wider New Zealand and internationally.


Connecting to iwi culture and heritage – finding out what agencies hold, and developing ongoing relationships to ensure discoverability and access to iwi taonga and heritage.


Agencies facilitating the care, preservation, protection and management of taongā and heritage – whether held by iwi, whānau and hapū or Crown parties.

Education and training

Learning and Training opportunities, agencies supporting opportunities for Iwi to learn about looking after their heritage, and to also share their knowledge. Includes information about workshop and hui, setting up a museum, and career opportunities and qualification pathways.


There is some funding available, usually through contestable funding pools, that you can apply for to support your projects.

Planning your cultural and heritage projects

Find tools to help you define the scopes of projects, prioritising the relative worth of projects, sequencing projects in the right order, and managing multiple projects.

Updated on 29th March 2023