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Te Ara expands into biographies

Media release: 7 December 2010

Te Ara, New Zealand’s online encyclopedia, has joined up with the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography (DNZB), forming a formidable repository of national stories and history.  

Te Ara is the go-to place for reliable information about New Zealand, its people and history. The DNZB houses the stories of the lives of some of New Zealand’s most prominent and interesting people.  

As well as Te Ara and the DNZB merging, 11 new biographies of well-known New Zealanders have been added: Robert Muldoon, David Lange, Bill Rowling, Edmund Hillary, Peter Blake, Janet Frame, Allen Curnow, Hone Tuwhare, Arthur Lydiard, Sonya Davies and Douglas Lilburn now all feature.
It is appropriate that the man who initiated the dictionary in the early 1980s now features in it; Robert Muldoon’s biography includes tales of his infamous 1984 election announcement and images of him starring in the Rocky Horror Picture Show with a young Russell Crowe.

The new entries also include a biography of Muldoon's nemesis in 1984, David Lange, who made the quip when Muldoon was knighted later that year, 'After a long year we've got a very short knight.’ There is also a great clip of Peter Blake being embarrassed by his mother.
Plus, powerful and never-seen-before images of Edmund Hillary in the Himalayas after Everest.

Te Ara and the DNZB officially merge on Wednesday 8 December 2010.

Updated on 17th November 2022