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Survey shows huge support for public broadcasting

Ministers’ release: 28 August 2007

The first ever survey of attitudes towards public broadcasting finds an overwhelming majority (89 per cent) of Kiwi’s agree that it contributes to their cultural and social value of New Zealand.

Broadcasting Minister Steve Maharey is launching the research at the first day of the ‘Broadcasting New Futures – Out of the Box’ Broadcasting Conference in Te Papa in Wellington, attended by more than 300 people from across the broadcasting sector.

He says this is the first time the Ministry for Culture and Heritage has analysed people’s perceptions of the importance and contribution of public broadcasting, “and it proves that our national public broadcasters successfully create and reflect national identity and pride.

“82 per cent of those surveyed agree that public broadcasting promotes our culture and way of life, 84 per cent say it educates a range of people, and 85 per cent say it encourages informed discussion and debate on issues of public interest.

“This is a very positive reflection of the Labour-led government’s commitment to public broadcasting, and of those that work hard to produce world-class programming at TVNZ, Radio New Zealand, NiuFM and Maori Television.

“The survey also proves that public broadcasting reflects our multi cultural society, with 81 per cent agreeing it reflects Maori interests, culture and language.

Public broadcasting makes a significant contribution to New Zealand life with 91 per cent agreeing public broadcasting presents important New Zealand and overseas events as they happen, and 89 per cent saying it provides informative news and current affairs.”

The survey was carried out for the Ministry for Heritage and Culture and involved a telephone survey of 500 people in June this year. The full report is available at www.mch.govt

Updated on 7th October 2019