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Suite of new SCAPE public artworks and events expected to draw crowds into Christchurch

New Zealand’s premier annual public art event, the SCAPE Public Art Season 2017, will run for six weeks from October 7 – November 18, launching new artworks and showcasing the extensive current catalogue of major public artworks around Christchurch.

Heading into SCAPE’s 20th anniversary year in 2018, it is an exciting time for art in Christchurch. Managing Curator, Heather Galbraith continues in her role which extends over three annual Seasons (2016-2018).

The Season 2017 exhibition, titled Time in Space (territories and flow), will showcase works from an impressive group of New Zealand and International artists selected and curated by Galbraith.

It will bring together diverse, engaging new and existing artworks exploring different understandings of time (geological, cultural, cosmological), mapping and remembering of histories, and how these aspects combine to shape a sense of place. These works will be introduced along the SCAPE Public Art Walkway – including one in the sky - whilst maintaining a focus on the impressive base of legacy pieces across the city. All are free to view for everybody.

Director of SCAPE Public Art, Deborah McCormick says, “Bringing together emerging and established artists with people from industry, school students and the interested public is a really special part of what we do. We are constantly inspired, motivated and challenged by what each of these groups bring to the table”.

“Art needs people to bring it to life, it’s a conversation, and we’re thrilled for everyone to be a part of the Season again this year – to offer yet another reason to visit the city’s centre and stimulate that positive feeling and discussion.”

There are dozens of ways for people to interact with the upcoming artworks. Alongside Time in Space (territories and flow) Heather Galbraith’s curated exhibition of condensed, outdoor artworks, there are six other key elements related to public art.

The SCAPE Public Art Walkway links the Season’s artworks together. It will entertain twice weekly guided walks. Self-guided walks are also an option, using the maps located at each artwork site, or the free downloadable SCAPE Public Art app.

Key landmarks that will become connected as the Season’s hub sites and event zones include the Arts Centre, Canterbury Museum, Christ’s College, the Botanic Gardens, Hagley Park and the Margaret Mahy Family Playground.

Re:ACTIVATE Kids & Teen will see two aspiring young artists’ ideas (under the age of 18) made into reality with a display of their full-scale work in Hagley Park.

There will be a classroom to facilitate SCAPE’s Education Programme, for school groups to partake in free art making activities.

The SCAPE Public Programme will create many reasons to attend the city’s six-week Season, including artist talks, workshops and events free for the public to attend.

Various SCAPE Events such as barbeques, Opening Weekend and other youth and family focused free events will be happening throughout the Season.

STUDIO 125 GALLERY is also open for the Season. It is a contemporary art gallery in Merivale supporting public art in the city. The exhibition inside will link to sculptures, paintings, photographs, ceramics and limited editions by artists in this SCAPE Public Art Season 2017 and Seasons past. All work on display is available for purchase.

Artist and artwork announcements will be released between now and the October launch. There will also be further releases detailing the other six elements of the public art Season.

Acclaimed legacy public artworks by local, national and international artists, produced and/or commissioned by SCAPE Public Art include:

  • Mischa Kuball, Solidarity Grid, 2013-2016.
    Consisting of 21 street lights from around the globe installed in Park Terrace. Produced by SCAPE Public Art, Commissioned by the Christchurch City Council (CCC).
  • Peter Atkins, Under Construction Chaos and Order, 2015. Commissioned and Produced by SCAPE Public Art.
  • Judy Millar, Call me Snake, 2015. Commissioned and Produced by SCAPE Public Art.
  • Hannah Kidd, Avonside Drive Series, 2015. Commissioned and Produced by SCAPE Public Art. This will remain in Re:START until January 2017.
  • Julia Morison, Tree Houses for Swamp Dwellers, 2013. Commissioned by CCC and Produced by SCAPE Public Art.
  • Regan Gentry, Flour Power, 2008. Commissioned by CCC and Produced by SCAPE Public Art.
  • Phil Price, Nucleus, 2006. Commissioned by CCC and Produced by SCAPE Public Art.
  • Anton Parsons, Passing Time, 2011. Commissioned by CCC and Produced by SCAPE Public Art.
  • Antony Gormley, STAY (Ōtākaro Avon River & Arts Cente Northern Quadrangle), 2015/16. Commissioned by CCC and Produced by SCAPE Public Art.


  • Neil Dawson, Fanfare, 2004/2015.


Updated on 10th November 2017