In January 2020 Cabinet agreed to commission a business case to examine the viability of establishing a new, fit-for-purpose public media entity.


A new entity would draw on the skills and experience of both RNZ and TVNZ but would be designed for a 21st century environment. NZ On Air will continue to fund quality New Zealand content.


Why this is happening now?

Strong and independent media is an important part of our democracy and our sense of identity as a nation. It is vital that our media showcases our unique identity, culture and languages. Foreign content simply can't do this.


Increased competition from overseas and changes to the way people access content are putting pressure on traditional media. If we want future generations of New Zealanders to continue to benefit from a strong public media, then we must make changes to the way public media currently operates.


Current work underway

The programme is currently in the first phase of activity – building the case for change.  The focus for this phase is building the detailed business case and providing supporting policy and legislative advice to Ministers.


The detailed business case will identify the best way to establish a new entity successfully, including costs and a preferred operating model. 


The business case will consider details of how a new public media entity would operate in the future including:


  • How the organisation could best meet the expectations of audiences about when and how they access content
  • How to manage funding for the new entity, consistent with its role as a public media entity and its relationship with NZ On Air
  • The best legal structure for the new entity
  • How it could support Māori media and Pacific audiences
  • How it would collaborate with and complement the work of private media
  • What it would cost to develop, implement and operate the new entity

Following the completion of the business case, the Minister of Broadcasting and Media will report back to Cabinet. Final decisions on the proposal to establish a new entity will be considered at that time.


What is included in the business case?

The business case is made up of the following phases:


  • Strategic case
    The strategic case considers what needs to change and why, and what the change needs to achieve.
  • Economic case
    The economic case identifies options to achieve the change, identifies the costs and benefits of the options and selects a preferred option. 
  • Commercial and financial case
    The commercial and financial case will identify the procurement and funding requirements to implement the preferred option.
  • Management case
    The management case will develop the plan to implement the preferred option including, time, costs, risks and how to move from the status quo to a fully implemented new public media entity.


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