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Sponsorship of cultural events, organisations, and activities, 2005 (May 2006)

This survey was conducted in two parts. Over 100 key businesses were surveyed on their sponsorship activities and intentions. Over 40 cultural organisations were separately surveyed about their sponsorship experiences and future expectations. An Executive Summary presents the basic methodology, key findings, and conclusions. The introduction to this report sets out the methodology for both parts of this survey and outlines the characteristics of the respondents separately. The findings of the two parts of the survey are also presented separately. The final section draws together the findings from both parts of the survey and provides some commentary on their implications for sponsorship of the cultural sector.

Read the full report as a pdf  (450k)

Late in 2005, 65 businesses and 40 cultural organisations took part in the Ministry's biennial survey of cultural sponsorship. As with earlier surveys, information was sought from businesses and cultural organizations about the types of activities they sponsor or are sponsored for, the level of sponsorship, their attitudes towards sponsorship, and future intentions. The survey, held approximately every two years, was conducted online for the second time in 2005.

Participating businesses represented a range of sectors, including transport, telecommunications and technology, banking and financial, insurance, legal, energy, media and foodstuffs. The cultural organisations involved included galleries, bodies representing music, theatre, dance, literature, film, and heritage, and arts festivals.

Updated on 23rd July 2015