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Review of the New Zealand Film Commission (June 2010)

This report to Christopher Finlayson, Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage sought to examine and identify what is needed to enable the New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) to work in the most effective way possible as New Zealand’s film funding agency in a rapidly changing environment and taking account of wider policy and economic imperatives, including fiscal sustainability.

In this review undertaken by Sir Peter Jackson and David Court, the authors attempted to think outside the box to some extent. Rather than be strictly focused on reviewing and assessing the Commission’s performance over the past 30 years, they looked to the future, and suggested ways that the Commission might operate more effectively.

Further information

In the following 'File Downloads' section, is a copy of the report along with the Terms of Reference and submissions received by the Ministry.  The closing date for comments on the Terms of Reference was 31 July 2009.

57 submissions were received and were considered by the review team.  Copies of the submissions are available but have not been posted where permission was not received.


Updated on 22nd October 2019