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Resale royalty right for visual artists: discussion paper (April 2007)

In April 2007 the government released a discussion paper, seeking feedback on the possible establishment of a “resale royalty right” for visual artists.  A resale royalty right is also known as “droit de suite” or an “artist’s resale right”.  This means visual artists receive a royalty payment each time their original art work is resold on the secondary art market.  A resale right currently exists in around 50 countries, including the United Kingdom where it was introduced in February 2006.

The government examined international developments relating to a resale right, and the possible impact of applying such a right in New Zealand.  As part of this project, the Ministry prepared a discussion paper.  This discussion paper provided an overview of these international developments, and looked at a number of options that could form the basis of a resale right scheme in New Zealand

Read the full report as a pdf   (297k)

Submissions were sought from a range of interested parties including artists; art collectors; art dealers, galleries and auctioneers; secondhand dealers; museums; art institutions; and any other person or group with an interest in the buying or selling of visual art.  Submissions closed in June 2007. Over 200 submissions were received, with most favouring a resale right. 

Read the submissions report as a pdf  (140k)

Updated on 23rd July 2015