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Report on Te Papa's outreach support for other museums (March 2010)

In 2009 the Ministry reviewed aspects of the work Te Papa does to support other New Zealand museums and art galleries.  Phase I gathered information about Te Papa’s activities.  Phase II tested the Ministry’s initial observations with the museum sector through interviews with a range of museums and galleries. 

The final report was completed in March 2010 and Te Papa was invited to respond to the suggestions made.  This process was delayed by timing of the appointment of the new Chief Executive and then the revisioning exercise currently underway at Te Papa.  Te Papa is considering the issues raised in the reports and expects to provide its response to the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage in the coming months.

Both phases of the report are attached as PDF and word documents. You will find the word versions of the report below in the 'file download' section.

Phase I - Te Papa's support for other museums (pdf version)

Phase II - Stakeholder analysis (pdf version)

Updated on 23rd July 2015