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New Zealand cultural and heritage tourism strategy (2008)

New Zealand cultural and heritage tourism strategy to 2015.

This draft strategy has been produced to involve, inspire and enrich three groups of stakeholders:

  • Providers of arts, cultural and heritage experiences.
  • Tourism operators, organisations, agencies, intermediaries and information providers.
  • Domestic and international visitors i.e. greater enjoyment of authentic and distinctive New Zealand experiences.

The definition of “arts, cultural and heritage” used throughout this strategy is deliberately broad. It includes Māori cultural experiences; performing arts; visual arts (e.g. galleries, artists' studios); museums, galleries and art in public places; historic and heritage sites; festivals; interaction with people and shopping for cultural souvenirs/gifts.

Visitor research showed arts, cultural and heritage tourism fails to appear “on the radar” for the majority of international and domestic visitors on holiday in New Zealand. Current tourism research shows that around one-third of all international visitors who travel to New Zealand on holiday are interested in learning about our culture. However, even this moderate level of interest is not shared by the same proportion of domestic travelers as they holiday around New Zealand. Less than 10% of domestic holiday makers demonstrate an interest in experiencing the local culture.

Research into New Zealand’s arts, cultural and heritage organisations also carried out as part of this strategy provided one potential reason for this low level of interest. It highlighted that 62% of New Zealand arts, cultural and heritage organisations had marketing budgets of less than $20,000 per annum. This low ability to generate awareness leads to a simple question: “how can visitors be interested in something they’re not even aware of?” The importance of arts, cultural and heritage tourism was illustrated in this research. It showed that visitor satisfaction is significantly higher than average for those visitors who participated in an arts, cultural or heritage experience. There appears to be an opportunity for visitors, arts, cultural and heritage sector stakeholders and tourism operators all to benefit from a greater depth of engagement and participation with each other.

This potential “win : win” relationship is therefore embodied in our vision for arts, cultural and heritage tourism:

To enrich the New Zealand visitor experience through greater, and more highly valued, engagement with our arts, culture and heritage.

You can read this report in file download section below (it is published as a pdf copy).

Updated on 23rd July 2015