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A Measure of culture 2003

Based on the New Zealand Framework for Cultural Statistics, information from the Cultural Experiences Survey provides a snapshot of New Zealanders’ engagement with cultural activities as diverse as listening to popular music, visiting museums and art galleries, visiting marae and buying original art works and craft objects. This information is supplemented by expenditure information from the Household Economic Survey, which updates an earlier report, Household Spending on Culture (1996), and provides an expanded view of New Zealanders’ cultural activities.

The report presents a number of notable findings from the Cultural Experiences Survey. One is the high level of engagement by New Zealanders with cultural activities, with 93 percent having experienced at least one activity during the survey period. Another is the very high level of interest in New Zealand content in a range of activities, including theatre, music and literature.  Finally, the information on household spending indicates that the economic importance of spending on cultural activities cannot be overlooked, as it accounts for 4 percent of domestic expenditure.

You can view the A Measure of culture report on Statistics New Zealand's website.

Updated on 23rd July 2015