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Household spending on culture 2006

Cultural activities play a significant part in the daily lives of New Zealanders, contributing, among other things, to our national identity and our understanding of ourselves as a nation. This report provides insights into the cultural participation of New Zealanders by looking at patterns and trends of expenditure of New Zealand households on cultural goods and services. Household Spending on Culture 2006 provides data on how much New Zealand households spent on cultural goods and services during the year ending June 2004.

Using data on spending on cultural goods and services extracted from the Household Economic Survey, the report builds on and updates two previous reports published by Statistics New Zealand, Household Spending on Culture (1996) and A Measure of Culture: Cultural Experiences and Cultural Spending in New Zealand (2003).

View Household spending on culture 2006 on Statistics New Zealand's website.

Updated on 23rd July 2015