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Funding for Cultural Organisations in New Zealand: Findings from the Giving and Sponsorship Survey 2012 (December 2014)

This report presents the key findings of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage’s Giving and Sponsorship Survey 2012, which asked cultural organisations about the funding they received from main sources over the 2011/12 tax year.  We invited around 2,000 cultural organisations to take part in the survey and received 801 valid responses (a response rate of 40 percent).

Read the full report here as a pdf.

The findings in this report summarise:

· how much and what kind of funding and non-cash support cultural organisations participating in the survey received

· what sources of funding those organisations applied for and how successful their applications were

·what fundraising activities the organisations conducted

· how many organisations had registered for charitable status and how aware they were of their donee status.

This report also provides analysis according to sector (the main type of cultural activity undertaken by organisations), organisation size (respondents ranged in size from small and voluntarily-run organisations to large and professionally-run organisations) and regional area.

The survey follows the Ministry’s 2010 report: ‘Cultural Organisations: giving and sponsorship’, which is available on the Ministry’s website.

Cultural organisations : giving and sponsorship.

Updated on 23rd July 2015