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Engage - Honoa (2010)

A framework for enhancing and developing international best practice, distinctly New Zealand visitor experiences with wow or ihi that increase visitor demand, satisfaction and spend, locally and internationally.

Leuthart + Co have produced this report with and for the Ministry for Culture and Heritage during 2010. It uses our research, findings, work and experience in the culture and heritage sector to produce a guide for culture and heritage and other New Zealand visitor experience providers to enhancing and developing international best practice visitor experiences.

These visitor experiences build on the distinctive elements of New Zealand – its powerful landscapes, indigenous Māori culture, rich history, cultural taonga, diverse people, engaging stories and unique practices; the New Zealand or Kiwi way of doing things.

The aim of the framework contained in this report is to provide a simple and concise approach to enhancing and developing New Zealand’s visitor experiences. The focus is on increasing the overall quality of the experience, creating more wow or ihi, understanding market demand, and creating a competitive advantage.

The project team was lead by John Leuthart (Leuthart + Co) and included Craig Wilson (Quality Tourism Development), Tim Walker (Tim Walker and Associates) and Albert Stafford (The Stafford Group).

You will find a copy of the full report and summary report below in the file download section (both are pdf copies).

Updated on 23rd July 2015