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Digital broadcasting : review of regulation (January 2008)

Following the launch of digital free-to-air broadcasting in New Zealand, the government committed to undertake a wide-ranging review of the policy and regulation governing and impacting upon the digital broadcasting market. The review’s scope extends across the length of the value chain: from content creation and aggregation, through to distribution across platforms and networks.

The central focus of the review is broadcasting regulation, but the terms of reference also require an assessment of the broader regulatory issues that affect broadcasting, such as the impact of convergence, developments in the telecommunications industry and the changing role of intellectual property in the sector.

This research paper constitutes stage one. The research includes a review of the local market and summarises the current regulatory settings relevant to New Zealand’s digital broadcasting sector. An analysis of key global trends and international regulatory responses is used as the basis for an assessment of likely developments and key risks in New Zealand’s future. The paper concludes by identifying emerging themes which policy makers and regulators need to address. Stage two will develop options which, together with this research report will form the basis of a public consultation, and stage three will summarise all key findings and make final recommendations for government consideration by the end of the year.

The research was drafted by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage (MCH) and the Ministry for Economic Development (MED) [now Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment], with contributions and editorial input from Spectrum Value Partners2.

A summary of responses received for the Consultation paper : Broadcasting and new digital media : future of content regulation (January 2008) is available on the Ministry's website.

You will find the two volumes below in the file download section (both are pdf copies).

Updated on 23rd July 2015