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Cultural tourism research (June 2008)

Cultural activities, experiences and products contribute significantly to the overall satisfaction of both international and domestic tourists in New Zealand. The Ministry believes that cultural organisations and businesses could benefit greatly from a more strategic engagement with the tourism market and is interested in actively encouraging the development of strong and enduring relationships with the tourism sector. The following two reports form the basis for the development of a Cultural Tourism Strategy.

Cultural tourism update

This report updates from existing data sources, the Demand for Cultural Tourism research conducted by Colmar Brunton for Tourism New Zealand in 2003. The report was produced for the Ministry by Angus and Associates. The Ministry would like to thank the Ministry of Tourism and Tourism New Zealand for access to their research data.

Read the full report as a pdf  (538k)

Cultural Organisations’ and Businesses’ Attitudes to and Engagement with the Tourism Market

As part of the development of a cultural tourism strategy for New Zealand, the Ministry commissioned McDermott Miller to report on the nature of the cultural sector’s engagement with the tourist market. The outcome of this research is presented in this report which identifies cultural businesses’ attitudes to and current engagement with the tourism market. It also identifies potential options for improving and increasing engagement with that market. This research consists of two reports which can be viewed below in the file download section (both are pdf copies).

Updated on 23rd July 2015