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Annual Report 2014

Read the full report as a pdf file or as a word document.


2          Chief Executive’s report – Tā te Tumuaki rīpoata

3          About the Ministry and the cultural sector – Mō te Manatū me te wāhanga tikanga

4          Outcomes Framework

5          Non-financial performance – Te Whakatutukitanga hāunga te tahua

6          Performance against the cultural sector outcomes – Te Whakatutukitanga ki ngā hua wāhanga tikanga

7          How we performed against our impacts – Tā mātou whakatutukitanga ki ā mātou papātanga

21        Service performance – Ngā Whakatutukitanga mahi

22         Policy Advice, Monitoring of Funded Agencies and Ministerial Servicing

27         Purchase Advice and Monitoring of Sport and Recreation Crown Entities

29         Heritage Services

38         Cultural Diplomacy International Programme

40         Delivery of Going Digital Programme

42         Effective and efficient delivery of our services – Te whakahaere tika i ā mātou ratonga

47        Financial statements – Ngā Tuhinga tahua

48         Statement of responsibility

49         Statement of comprehensive income

50         Statement of financial position

51         Statement of changes in equity

52         Statement of cash flows

53         Statement of commitments

54         Statement of contingent liabilities and contingent assets

54         Statement of departmental unappropriated expenditure and capital expenditure

55         Statement of departmental expenses and capital expenditure against appropriations

56         Details of departmental multi-year appropriation

57         Notes to the financial statements

74         Non-departmental statements and schedules

74         Statement of non-departmental expenditure and capital expenditure against appropriations

77         Details of multi-year appropriations

79         Statement of non-departmental unappropriated expenditure and capital expenditure

80         Schedule of non-departmental income

80         Schedule of non-departmental expenses

81         Schedule of non-departmental assets

82         Schedule of non-departmental liabilities

83         Schedule of non-departmental contingent liabilities and contingent assets

83         Schedule of non-departmental commitments

84         Statement of trust monies

85         Notes to the non-departmental schedules and statements

90        Independent Auditor’s Report

Updated on 29th July 2015