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Looking forward = Te tirohanga whakamua

Looking forward = Te tirohanga whakamua

The Ministry’s strategic direction is the means by which we contribute to the government’s priorities for the cultural sector.

For 2010/11, our focus has shifted from Ministry outputs and outcomes to sector-wide outcomes.

This reflects the government’s objectives of:

· improving the cultural sector’s contribution to broader government and societal goals

· improving the cultural sector’s sustainability and lifting its overall performance.

For the Ministry, this means better demonstrating how our culture, including arts, heritage, broadcasting, and sport and recreation, contributes to broader economic and social outcomes – and increasing the extent to which it does so. Key examples for the coming year include contributing to the success of the 2011 Rugby World Cup by boosting opportunities for cultural tourism, and managing the transition to digital broadcasting to maximise benefits for consumers and the government.

The Ministry will also encourage coordination at a sector level to ensure greater strategic and organisational coherence. This will enhance funded agencies’ ability to contribute to Ministry goals and government priorities, and help ensure a good return on the government’s investment in the cultural sector.

Updated on 23rd July 2015