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Annual Report 2009

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Table of Contents


Chief Executive

Background – Meeting Our Accountability Obligations

8  Part One – Strategy, Operating Performance, and Outcomes Progress

Section One – Strategy, Environment, Leadership, Risks and Organisational Capability

14 Section Two – Operating Performance in 2008/09

28 Section Three – Progress Towards Outcomes

31  Part Two – Legislation and Expenditure

31 Section Four – Legislation Administered by the Ministry

32 Section Five – Expenditure Administered by the Ministry

36 Part Three – Financial Statements

36 Statement of Responsibility

37 Statement of Accounting Policies

42 Statement of Financial Performance

43 Statement of Financial Position

44 Statement of Changes in Taxpayers’ Funds

45  Statement of Cash Flows

46 Statement of Commitments

46 Statement of Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets

47 Statement of Departmental Expenditure Against Appropriations

48 Statement of Unappropriated Expenditure

48 Statement of Trust Money Administered on Behalf of the Crown

50 Notes to the Financial Statements

60 Non-departmental Schedules and Statements: Vote Arts, Culture and Heritage and Vote Sport and Recreation

61 Schedule of Non-departmental Revenue and Receipts

62 Schedule of Non-departmental Expenses

62 Schedule of Non-departmental Expenditure and Capital Expenditure against Appropriations

64 Schedule of Recipients of Non-departmental Outputs Funding

66 Schedule of Non-departmental Assets

67 Schedule of Non-departmental Liabilities

67 Schedule of Non-departmental Commitments

67 Schedule of Non-departmental Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets

68 Part Four – Standards and Service Performance, Audit Report

68 Section Six – Statement of Standards and Service Performance

81 Audit Report


ISSN 1177-545

Updated on 23rd July 2015