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Requests for Quotes (RFQ) Monumental Stonemasons, and Conservators

Media release: 18 November 2020

Manatū Taonga, The Ministry for Culture and Heritage (MCH) is establishing a panel of suppliers consisting of individuals and small-to-large sized companies who can undertake the services detailed below throughout Aotearoa and/or the Pacific Islands.

Through this RFQ, MCH is inviting suppliers with the capability and expertise to provide services under one or more of the following service categories:

A) Monumental Stonemasonry
B) Conservation Care of Graves and Memorials
C) Conservation Care of Wet Organic Taonga Tūturu     

Find out more about the RFQ on the GETS - Government Electronic Tender Service website

Tenders close on 22 December 2020 at 4pm.

The quantity of the work is unknown and not guaranteed but will instead be driven by new finds (in relation to taonga tūturu), condition assessments and, in some cases, timely remedial action. MCH will award contracts with a supplier chosen to be on the panel through either direct selection or via secondary procurement. Terms and conditions for the contracts will be based on the Government Model Contract (GMC) – Short Form.

Due to the nature of the work, the established small market, and the project/maintenance cycles, the panel will be in place for 10+ years.  Works deemed by MCH to be major restoration or conservation projects may continue to be tendered independently of this panel at the sole discretion of MCH.   

The RFQ contains a capability questionnaire. Assessment of panel suppliers will be based on location, work quality, qualifications, timely response, capability, cost, and an awareness and understanding of cultural requirements. Weightings are provided in the RFQ released on GETS (link above).

As long as the panel is in place, it will be open to new suppliers.

Related documents

Appendix 1.A  RFQ Response Form [Word, 176.34 KB]

Appendix 1.B Master Services Agreement [Word, 612.16 KB]

Appendix 1.C Statement of Work [Word, 103.19KB]

Appendix 1.E Routine Maintenance Standards [Word, 1.54 MB]

Request for Quote - Establishment of a Panel of Suppliers [Word, 322.48 KB]

Schedule 1 - Capability Spreadsheet [Excel - 46.25 KB]

Supplier Code of Conduct [PDF - 32.83 KB]

Below are a few FAQs that we have received to date



  1. How do I submit an RFQ?


We have published all related documents to

Step 1 - Familiarise yourself with the RFQ documents – this outlines the kind of work we may release in the future, and the skills we are looking for.

Step 2 - Decide what categories you wish to respond to from the list below – you can apply for just one, two, or all

A) Monumental Stonemasonry 

B) Conservation Care of Graves and Memorials 
C) Conservation Care of Wet Organic Taonga Tūturu      

Step 3 - Fill out the RFQ response form – email us if you get stuck on any questions and we can provide additional instructions

Step 4 - Fill out the capability spreadsheet  (see question 4 if you are stuck)

Step 5 - Submit your RFQ to GETS, or email it to this email address

  1. I’m not familiar with how a panel of suppliers will work – can you explain more? Why are you forming this panel?

Essentially you are tendering to be on a panel of suppliers that we will use for future work.  Think of it like being a preapproved supplier to MCH for 10 + years, where we can come straight to you when there is a job we feel you are best suited to.   

We are doing this to streamline our procurement processes.  We know that quoting on jobs is time consuming to all involved. By forming this panel we will speed up our procurement for the next 10+ years and save everyone a lot of time.

  1. We specialise only in one of the services you are looking for (such as conservation reporting) - we do not have the skills to do the physical conservation work, which is what I understand is required from a supplier in this case.

We wish to clarify that undertaking physical conservation work is not an essential requirement to be a member of the panel.

If you can undertake any of the works that we have outlined in the Service Categories then you will be considered for the panel.

For example, you may wish to tender only for the preparation of conservation treatment plans/schedule of works and condition recording of monuments.

Even if you only specialise in one type of service, you will be considered.

  1. I don’t understand how to fill out the capability spreadsheet


If the capability spreadsheet is proving to be a roadblock to submitting your application, please submit without it and we can retrospectively fill this out with you if you are accepted on the panel. 

An incomplete capability form will not be held against your application and we expect people to want to update their capabilities over the next 10 years as they upskill or decide to specialise in certain areas.

  1. Can I fill the RFQ out by hand, scan and return it to you?


Yes – just make sure your handwriting is easy to read

  1. I’m still confused, where can I ask for help?

Please email us as many questions as you want, we are here to help!


If you require more information or assistance, please contact the Ministry at: [email protected]

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Updated on 18th December 2020