In accordance with the requirements set out in the National War Memorial Park (Pukeahu) Empowering Act 2012, section 24 requires the chief executive of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage to make the certified plan or document available on the ministry’s internet site together with the reasons of the authoring body.

To comply with this requirement a copy of the documentation submitted by the Memorial Park Alliance [MPA] (on the Ministry’s behalf) and the corresponding letters of certification received from Wellington City Council are available here.

Documentation was submitted in two sets, the first in January 2014 (certified in March 2014) was for the complete park scope.  The second set was submitted in June 2014 (certified in July 2014) and covered the inclusion of a toilet block as part of the park’s scope of works.

January 2014

Drawings and specifications

MPA submission letter 10 January 2014 [pdf, 1.6MB]

Wellington City Council certification letter 03 March 2014 [pdf, 0.6MB]

Section 1 Urban design drawings [pdf, 59MB]

Section 1a Urban design specification [pdf, 0.7MB]

Section 2 Traffic services drawings [pdf, 30MB]

Section 3 Street lighting drawings [pdf, 14MB]

Section 3a Street lighting specification [pdf, 1.6MB]

Section 4 Structure drawings [pdf, 32MB]

Section 5 Pavements drawings [pdf, 22MB]

Section 6 Dry services drawings [pdf, 15MB]

Section 7 Wet services drawings [pdf, 54MB]

Section 7a Dry and wet services specification

Section 8 Australian Memorial drawings [pdf, 5.9MB]

Supplementary information

Section 9 Design statement [pdf, 0.6MB]

Section 10 Construction traffic management plan [pdf, 34MB]

Section 11 Existing survey information [pdf, 7.2MB]

Section 12 Register of Wellington City Council comments with MPA response [pdf, 0.3MB]

Section 13 Register of Barrier Free New Zealand Trust comments with MPA response [pdf, 0.3MB]

Section 14 Register of Traffic Planning Consultants Ltd comments with MPA response [pdf, 0.3MB]

Section 15 Crime Prevention through environmental design report [pdf, 0.5MB]

Drawing Register [pdf, 0.3MB]

June 2014

MPA submission of additional information [pdf, 1.9MB]

Wellington City Council certification letter 02 July 2014 [pdf, 0.5MB]

Appendix A WALA 002 [pdf, 1.0MB]

Appendix B MP-11-91000 for construction [pdf, 1.4MB]

Appendix C Supplement CPTED assessment [pdf, 0.5MB]

Appendix C MPA response to Supplement CPTED assessment [pdf, 0.9MB]

Appendix D MP-05-250 [pdf, 1.4MB]

Appendix D MP-05-270 [pdf, 0.2MB]

Appendix D MP-06-260 [pdf, 0.2MB]

Appendix D MP-07-106 [pdf, 0.3MB]

Appendix E MP-12-315 Exeloo foundations reinforcing [pdf, 1.0MB]

Appendix E MP-12-316 Exeloo foundations reinforcing [pdf, 1.0MB]

Appendix E Wellington War Memorial April 23rd 2014 [pdf, 1.7MB]

Updated on 19th November 2021