a group of school children in Hall of Memories

The education programme at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park provides visitors with opportunities to remember, interpret, reflect and understand New Zealand’s experience of war.

The education programme:

  • explores the impact of war on our society in its historical context and its enduring impact on us
  • enables visitors to develop a personal and/or community connection with the New Zealand experience of war
  • facilitates empathy and understanding of commemoration and the place of ceremony and ritual in our society
  • explores expressions of nationhood and identity
  • provides a clear understanding of why Pukeahu National War Memorial Park exists.

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The National War Memorial

The National War Memorial is New Zealand’s key commemorative site acknowledging the impact of New Zealand’s participation in foreign wars. It is made up of:

  • the iconic carillon and its 74 bells
  • the Hall of Memories
  • the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior.

Visitors will be encouraged to find their own personal or community connections to the war memorial, such as family connections, and to consider not only what we commemorate and why, but to explore the ongoing significance and relevance of such commemoration.

Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in a commemorative ceremony of some form.

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The Great War Exhibition

The Great War Exhibition is housed in the Dominion Museum building for the duration of the centenary of the First World War. Award-winning film-maker Sir Peter Jackson and Wingnut Films have produced a world-class exhibition that will enable visitors to experience this pivotal time in history.

The ANZ New Zealand Room concentrates on New Zealand’s story and begins with the Gallipoli campaign.

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Beyond Pukeahu

The rich history of Pukeahu National War Memorial Park – and its connections with both Māori and Pākehā provides opportunities for visitors to learn about other parts of our nation’s story, such as settlement and the unique history of Wellington, our capital city.

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LEARNZ Memorial Park

This website provides a series of four virtual field trips during 2013 and 2015,  following the roading project and the creation of Pukeahu National War Memorial Park prior to the opening of the Park in April 2015.

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Updated on 22nd February 2017