Summary statement

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage is running an open architectural design competition to find a winning design for a Pacific Islands Memorial to be installed at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington.

Pukeahu National War Memorial Park is the national place for New Zealanders to remember and reflect on this country’s experience of war, military conflict and peacekeeping and how that experience shapes our ideals and sense of national identity.

The memorials in Pukeahu National War Memorial Park stand as symbols of our shared experiences of conflict, as well as our enduring friendships and commitment to peace and international cooperation. This new memorial will recognise our closest friends, the Pacific nations.

The Pacific Islands Memorial will represent New Zealand’s friendship with all Pacific Islands Forum and in particular will recognise the service of Pacific Islanders in the New Zealand Defence Forces and during the First World War.

Competition stages

The competition will be run in two stages:

  • Stage One - open to any team involving at least one New Zealand registered architect, and/or practices, academics and/or graduates who are members of NZIA. Stage One will be at concept design level and involves registering interest and creating a detailed plan.
  • Stage Two - up to three entries will then be selected to go through to Stage two. Each selected team will be paid NZD $10,000 (excluding GST) to prepare their detailed submission for consideration by a panel of professionals.

Key Dates

The competition will be open for entries for a period of two months commencing in February 2018 (dates to be confirmed).

All those that have registered their interest will be contacted via email once the competition dates have been confirmed. 

This webpage will be updated with further detail in the coming weeks and when the competition opens.

Design Brief

The Pacific Islands and New Zealand place great value on the significance of this memorial to celebrate the friendship between our countries and the close cultural, historical, economic and political ties between New Zealand and the Pacific nations. The memorial will speak to the enduring friendship that unites our nations and the common memories we share, of which the First World War was a major example.

Along with the International Memorials Selection, Location and Design Guidelines, the below key criteria are what is required within the design:

-           Represents all Pacific Island countries

-           Acknowledges the contribution of Pacific peoples in both World Wars and in other conflicts.

-           Recognises and appreciates the diversity of Pacific countries.

-           Represents the strong relationships across the region.

-           Recognises New Zealand’s friendship with all members of the Pacific Islands Forum.

-           Recognises the service of Pacific Islanders in the New Zealand Defence Force.

-           Is suitable for official ceremonies, for example, wreath laying ceremonies.

-           Reflects the Pacific Islands, this could be in the design, materials used or symbols, or through the participation of a Pacific Island creative professional in the design.


Background info on Pukeahu National War Memorial Park

  • Pukeahu National War Memorial Park was opened in April 2015 in the precinct surrounding the National War Memorial in Wellington.
  • One of the goals of Pukeahu was to create a space in Wellington for the development of new Memorials from countries which New Zealand has a close military relationship or shared military history.
  • To date four international memorials have been installed within Pukeahu, these are; Australia, Turkey, United Kingdom and Belgium, with memorials for France, the United States of America and Canada to follow in 2018.

Email contact

Click here if you wish to register your interest in the competition, you will receive an email with a unique identification number:


Updated on 2nd February 2018