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Public Notice – Objects from the SS Ventnor

News: 31 August 2015

Public Notice – Objects from the SS Ventnor

Five items (described below) from the wreck of the SS Ventnor, wrecked in 1902 and now lying in New Zealand territorial waters off the Hokianga Harbour, have been brought ashore in New Zealand. 

The New Zealand Government through the Chief Executive of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage invites submissions of claims for ownership and/or possession from parties who may have an interest in some or all of the objects. We also invite submissions from parties who are not claiming ownership and/or possession but who wish to make submissions for consideration regarding the future care of the objects whether by them or by another party.

To make a claim you should make a submission to the Ministry, including the following information where possible:

  • evidence of title to the object at time of the SS Ventnor sinking;
  • any other evidence supporting  your claim;
  • whether you are claiming in the name of a company, or an incorporated society, charitable trust or other entity (if so, please include any relevant documentation); and
  • the name and contact details of a primary contact person.

The Chief Executive of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage will assess the submissions and make a determination. Please note the New Zealand Government reserves the right to make a claim for ownership and/or custody.

Submissions should be received by the New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage at the following address by 23 November 2015:

PO Box 5364

Wellington 6145

New Zealand

Or by email to:  [email protected]

Submissions received after the closing date may not be accepted, however the Ministry reserves the right to accept or decline late submissions at its discretion.

If you wish some of your submission to be kept confidential, please mark the submission accordingly with the reasons why. Notwithstanding this, we note the Ministry has obligations under the New Zealand Official Information Act 1982 and other legal requirements. The Ministry may also need to provide information from submitters to third parties in order to assess submissions.

For more information please email [email protected] or telephone the Ministry’s Heritage Operations team at 64 4 499 4229. 

1. Object Name: Ceramic plate or saucer from SS Ventnor

Description: A cream plate / bowl with brown marks

Date of manufacture : 1880-1904

Materials: ceramic

Dimensions: 140 x 20mm (w x d)

  1. Object Name: Ship's bell from SS Ventnor

Description:Ship's brass bell now mounted on a wooden base.

Date of Manufacture: Unknown

Materials: brass

Dimensions: 140 x 200mm (h xwd)


  1. Object Name: Lamp holder from SS Ventnor

Description : Ship' s lampholder now mounted on a wooden base

Date of Manufacture: Unknown


Dimensions: 250 x 200 x 210mm (l x h x w)


  1. Object Name: Porthole from SS Ventnor

Description: Ship's porthole now mounted on a wooden base.

Maker: Unknown

Date of Manufacture:   Unknown

Materials: brass



  1. Object Name: Ship's telegraph from SS Ventnor

Description:Brass ship's telegraph.

Maker: Unknown

Date of Manufacture:   Unknown

Materials: brass

Dimensions: 1220 x 310mm (l x w).


A copy of this notice is on the Ministry’s website at We intend adding updates and any further relevant information to the website.


Updated on 24th November 2015