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Public Media Advisory Group

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage is the Secretariat for the Ministerial Advisory Group on Public Media. The Advisory Group reports to the Minister for Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media. The Advisory Group’s terms of reference were updated in October 2018 to assist the Minister with advice on funding public media for Budget 2019 and the capacity for more effective collaboration between public media agencies. The Advisory Group will also provide advice on how Māori and Pacific People’s language and culture and perspective can be better represented across publicly funded media.

The Chair is Michael Stiassny, and the other members are Sandi Beatie, Josh Easby, Irene Gardiner, Stacey Morrison and Sarona Ai’ono-Iosefa.

The Advisory Group members’ appointments are until 30 June 2019.

Any media inquiries should be sent to the Ministry’s Communications Team.

For other enquiries please email us at: MediaAdvisoryGroup@mch.govt.nz

Submissions to the Public Media Ministerial Advisory Group

A selection of submissions to the PMMAG were published on 23 July 2018

Submissions to the Public Media Ministerial Advisory Group to 31 May 2018 [24.8 MB]

Mediaworks submission to PMMAG - 6 April 2018 [124 KB]

Stuff Ltd submission to PMMAG [142 KB] 

WIFT New Zealand members submission to PMMAG - 2 April 2018 [49 KB]

Release of documents to support the Minister's announcement of public media funding allocation for 2018/19

Published 11 July 2018

Recommendations of the Ministerial Advisory Group on Allocation of New Funding - for release.pdf [1.38 MB]

Public Media funding allocation PWC report.pdf [3.75 MB]

Updated on 22nd February 2019