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A list of historic graves and monuments

We maintain the following historic graves and monuments. Some are listed on private land, so please contact us if you are planning to visit these sites.

Detailed information and a map of New Zealand Wars memorials is available on the NZHistory website.

Akaroa French Historic Cemetery, Rue Brittan, L’Aube Hill, Akaroa:

Walled enclosure around a monument bearing names of early settlers buried in cemetery

Alexandra Redoubt, Tuakau Cemetery, Tuakau:

  1. Memorial obelisk commemorating casualties of New Zealand Wars 1863-64
  2. Three concreted graves of New Zealand Wars casualties; Berry, Grace and Williams

Devonport (Mt Victoria) Cemetery, Albert Road, Auckland:

Grave of Chief Eruera Patuone

Drury Presbyterian Churchyard Cemetery, Great South Road, Drury:

Grave of Pte John Mckay, 65th Regt, died 14.9.1863

Drury (St John’s) Anglican Churchyard, Norrie Road, Drury:

New Zealand Wars obelisk on plinth commemorating those from the 1st Waikato Regt who died 23.10.1863

Heads Road Cemetery, Whanganui:

  1. Lt Col Jason Hassard, 57th Regt, died 15.1.1866
  2. Lt Octavius R Lawson & Ensign George Chrichton Jenkins, 18th Royal Irish Regt, died 18.12.1865
  3. Pte William Stone, No. 16 Engineers, died 23.12.1866
  4. Shoeing Smiths J Laycock, died 10.3.1866 & J Barnett, died 29.11.1865, 4th Bde, Royal Artillery
  5. Lt Thomas Ormsby Johnstone, 40th Regt, died 25.1.1865
  6. Ensign William Alexander, 65th Regt, died 1.11.1861
  7. Lt Henry Boyle Hunter, died 7.9.1868 & Major William Magee Hunter, died 7.11.1868
  8. William Jenkins, Native Interpreter, died 12.5.1867
  9. Frederick Wemyss, 65th Regt, died 3.7.1858
  10. Ensign Robert Whitfield, Forest Rangers, died 13.3.1865
  11. Captain James Duff Hewett, died January 1865
  12. Sergeant George Maxwell, Kai-Iwi Volunteer Cavalry, killed Nukumaru 1869
  13. Constable George Lewis Cole, Armed Constabulary, died 11.11.1868 from wounds received at Moturoa on 7.11.1868
  14. Gilfillan family, killed 18.4.1847

Heads Road Catholic Cemetery, Whanganui:

  1. Lt William Masterson, Royal Engineers, died 29.9.1865
  2. Michael Forbes, 53rd Regt

Hamuera Tamahau Mahupuku Memorial, Papawai Marae, Papawai, Greytown:

Memorial of three framed panels arranged in a slightly curved formation with Corinthian columns on either side.  (See Hamuera Tamahua Mahupuku Memorial for more details)

Hirini Street Cemetery, Gisborne:

  1. Grave of Captain Duncan Michie Brown
  2. Grave of Chief Te Kani Hirini

Honiana Te Puni Memorial, Te Puni Street, Petone:

A sandstone memorial on a large concrete base commemorating the prominent Te Ātiawa leader Honiana Te Puni’s ‘unbroken friendship’ with Pākehā.

Horokiwi Valley Graves, Battle Hill Farm Park, Pāuatahanui:

Concrete tomb over the graves of Leading Seaman William Roberts and Private Thomas Tuite

Huirangi Memorial Cross, Waitara Road:

Located on private land. Contact the Ministry if you require further details about this memorial

Ihaka Whaanga Memorial, SH2 in front of Unity Hall, Nūhaka:

White painted monument, with inscription in English and Māori, commemorating the Chief

Kainaha Cemetery, Mataatua Road, Ruatahuna:

Two mass graves of New Zealand Wars

  1. Memorial to Native Auxiliaries of H.M. Forces who died on 7.5.1869 and 8.5.1869
  2. Memorial to Armed Constabulary killed at Orangikawa Pa

Katikara Memorial, Fort St George Redoubt, Lower Pitone Road, Tātaraimaka, Taranaki:

Granite plaque on sloping base mounted on concrete pad covering mass grave of more than 20 Māori warriors from Taranaki, Whanganui and Ngāti Ruanui iwi killed in the battle of Katikara 4 June 1863. (See Katikara Memorial for more details)

Kawakawa Cemetery, Whiteman Road, Kawakawa:

Grave of Captain James Tau Tari, white marble headstone with lead lettering.

Leamington Cemetery, Wordsworth Street, Leamington, Cambridge:

Granite monument at far end of the cemetery marking the graves of 11 members of the Colonial Forces who died in the New Zealand Wars

Lower Mauku Cemetery, Glenbrook Road, near Patumahoe:

Grey granite monument erected by the NZ Government in 1927 commemorating various dead of New Zealand Wars, and others buried in this Pioneer Cemetery

Mahoetahi Cross, at junction of S.H. 3A and road to Waitara, New Plymouth:

Concrete cross with granite plaque, commemorating the deaths of Māori warriors in the New Zealand Wars

Makaraka Cemetery, Gladstone Road, Gisborne:

  1. Matawhero Monument; a sandstone obelisk in centre of burial ground for victims of Poverty Bay “massacre”
  2. Waerenga-a-Hika Memorial, commemorating William Doonan, Sgt Martin, James Wilkie, Robert Bothwell, William Swords, E Pierson

Maketu (St Thomas’s) Churchyard, Pukemiro Hill, Maketu:

Memorial to Winiata Pekanui Tohi Te Ururangi, a sandstone memorial on a high plinth with urn on top.

Manaia Land Wars Monument, on west side of Octagon, Manaia township:

Monument to Armed Constabulary killed in New Zealand Wars

Mangere (St James’s) Churchyard, corner Church Road and Woodward Avenue, Mangere Bridge:

Graves of two Māori Chiefs; flat marble slabs with lead letters

  1. Kati Takiwaru
  2. Epiha Te Tuhi

Māngungu Mission Station Cemetery, 5 kilometres west of Horeke, on road to Ivydale, Northland:

Graves of early settlers:

  1. Thomas McLean
  2. Captain William Crow
  3. Captain David Clarke
  4. Footstone “J. E.1850”
  5. Puriri post “A. B. R. 13 March 1841”
  6. Captain Thomas Neal
  7. Mr Samuel Butler
  8. Broken off stone – blank
  9. Thomas Mitchell
  10. Joseph Shepherdson and John Harris Davis
  11. William Wallis
  12. Maria Warmington
  13. William Robinson and daughter, Sarah
  14. George Gillis and several family members
  15. Richard Halmley Marriner
  16. William Charles Woon
  17. Anna McDonnell
  18. William Frederick Mosley Monro
  19. John Martin
  20. Maria Wells
  21. George Marriner
  22. George Frederick Russell
  23. Gillis family grave: Annabella and William Webster

Sites of three other graves once marked by wooden picket fences but no headstones disappeared many years ago.


Grave of Captain William A. Hussey

Located on private land. Contact the Ministry if you require further details

Moutoa Memorial, Moutoa Gardens, Market Place, Whanganui:

Marble statue of sorrowing woman, commemorating friendly Māori killed at Moutoa Island defending Whanganui

Napier Old Cemetery, Hospital Hill, Napier:

  1. Captain John Chapman St George died 1869
  2. Sgt William Farrell, died 1864
  3. Thomas Stanley, died 1864 (wooden headboard)
  4. Thomas Mason, died 1866  (wooden headboard)
  5. Henry Morrison, died 1866  (wooden headboard)

New Plymouth (St Mary’s) Churchyard, Vivian Street, New Plymouth:

  1. Spr George Chubb, Royal Engineers, 23.1.1861
  2. Seaman Henry Sargent, HMS Pelorus, 6.8.1860
  3. Pte Thomas Millard, Royal Marines, HMS Niger, 28.3.60
  4. Edward Archer, 12th Regt, and others: Joseph Woodward,  Michael Carden, 40th Regt; Henry East, 57th Regt; George May, John Bland, John Jones,   George Willis,  Edwin Gillet,   John Maguire,  
  5. Lt Thomas H Tragett, 57th    Surg, W.A. Hope . Col.Sgt Samuel Ellers, 57th, Sgt Samuel Hill,  Pte William Banks.
  6. Lt E. C. McNaghten, Royal Artillery, 17.3.1861
  7. Capt. Thomas Strange, 65th Regt, 10.2.1861
  8. Lt Denis Jackson, 40th Regt, 23.1.1861
  9. Francis Brown, Taranaki Volunteer Rifle Corps, 6.11.1860
  10. Pte Edward Messenger, Taranaki Volunteers, 3.3.1861
  11. John E. Sarten, Taranaki Mounted Volunteers, 17.3.1860
  12. Richard Brown, Taranaki Volunteer Rifles, 22.8.1860
  13. Pte Henry Crann, Taranaki Volunteer Rifles, died August 1860
  14. Hugh Corbin Harris, Taranaki Volunteers
  15. Ephraim Coad, 17.8.1860
  16. Pte Francis Rooney, 65th Regt, 6.11.1860
  17. Colour Sgt Samuel Scammell, 65th Regt, 18.4.1861
  18. Capt. William Cutfield King, Taranaki Militia, died 8.2.1861
  19. Memorial to Māori Chiefs (Vicarage grounds)
  20. Memorial to Taranaki Militia and Volunteers

Ngāruawāhia Public Cemetery, western side of SH 1 about 1km south of Ngāruawāhia:

Communal grave with four markers,

  1. Marble obelisk about 2.5m high, commemorating L/Cpl William Hewitt, died 9.4.1864, Cpl Thomas Hill died 22.2.1864, William Hammell, 65th Regt died 2.2.1864 and others who fell in the New Zealand Wars
  2. Sandstone headstone commemorating Lance Sgt Freeman Jamieson, Army Hospital Corps, who died 19.5.1864, which also has a footstone.
  3. Marble plaque commemorating Pte Thomas Maisey, 18th Royal Irish Regt
  4. Marble plaque commemorating William George Poole, Bugler, Mounted Constabulary, New Zealand Wars

Ngawha (St Michael’s) Māori Churchyard, approximately 3km south west of Ōhaeawai on SH 12:

Stone cross erected by Māori to commemorate the gallantry of the Pākehā enemy in an engagement in 1845

Normanby Memorial, Normanby Domain, Taranaki:

Memorial to soldiers and Māori killed in several engagements in the New Zealand Wars from 1866-1868

Nukumaru Memorial, Queen’s Park, Whanganui, sited under the Veterans’ Steps:

Memorial to soldiers killed in New Zealand Wars 1865-1869

Ōhawe Military Cemetery:

Located on private land. Contact the Ministry if you require further details

Ōhinemutu (St Faith’s) Churchyard, Ōhinemutu:

Grave of Chief Paora Te Amohau. Grave is to the left of the main doors of the church.

Ōkaihau (St Catherine’s) Churchyard, just west of Ōkaihau settlement on the road to Horeke, Northland:

Monument erected by the New Zealand Government in 1891 to soldiers who lost their lives in an attack on one of Heke’s pas. Two-metre high bluestone cross on a plinth with a marble inscription panel.

Old Taupiri Road Monument, Ngāruawāhia:

2.5 metre high polished grey granite plinth and obelisk commemorating those who died in the New Zealand Wars, erected by the New Zealand Government in 1914.

Omata (John Hurford grave), on roadside near Omata School, Taranaki:

Grave of a settler, John Hurford, who was killed in the New Zealand Wars on 2 August 1860.

Onepoto Grave, beside Lake Kiriopukae, Lake Waikaremoana:

Trooper Michael Noonan was a despatch rider killed during the New Zealand Wars.

Opepe Reserve Cemetery, on the Napier-Taupo Road about 12 km from Taupo:

Five graves in all, some killed in the attack at Opepe on 7 June 1869;

  1. Sgt Michael Slattery, and Troopers Ernest Lawson, Joseph Bidois, John Cook, Charles Johnson, died 7 June 1869 (Fred Gill also named on grave, but later exhumed and buried in Old Military Cemetery, Tauranga)
  2. Troopers Hector Ross, Alex McKillop, and Charles Potier died 7 June 1869
  3. W. Turner, died 27.10.1874
  4. Edward Andrehen, Armed Constabulary, died 7.10.1875
  5. Henry Leslie, Armed Constabulary, died 23.3.1876.  

Opotiki (Kelly Street) Cemetery:

  1. Marble obelisk to those who died in the New Zealand Wars
  2. Grave of Robert Pitcairn, Surveyor
  3. Grave of Pte James Keiley
  4. Grave of Pte Hansen, Pte Thomas M. Brown, Pte Patrick Parsons, Pte Charles Ratsey, Tpr William C. Fuller, Tpr F. Ross

Ōrākau Battle Memorial, Arapuni Road out from Kihikihi:

Grey granite obelisk commemorating the battle of Ōrākau, 31 March and 1 and 2 April 1864.

Ōtāhuhu (Holy Trinity) Churchyard:

  1. Plaques marking three mass graves of the New Zealand Wars servicemen “who served their Queen and country 1863-1865”
  2. Grave of Lt John Thornton Down VC, 57th Regt, died 27.4.1866
  3. Grave of Major Walter Vernon Herford, 3rd Waikato Militia
  4. Staff Assistant Surgeon John Anderson, died 12.4.1865
  5. Captain Oates Joseph Travers, 70th Regt, died 4.12.1864
  6. Staff Surgeon Robert Storey, Royal Artillery, died 7.2.1865
  7. Lt Col John Gray, late 40th Regt of Foot
  8. Colour Sgt William Fogarty, 65th Regt

Ōtakou Churchyard, Otago Peninsula:

Graves of Chiefs Te Matenga Taiaroa and Ngatata-i-te-Rangi.

Paihia (St Paul’s) Church:

Bronze plaque over remains of five 96th Regt soldiers killed 11 March 1845; Ptes Duross, Giddens, Ireson, Jackson and Miller.

Pakanae Cemetery, Cemetery Road, Pakanae, Northland:

Grave of Chief Moetara.

Pakaraka (Holy Trinity) Churchyard, about 8 km south of Ohaeawai on SH1:

Graves of Archdeacon Henry Williams and wife Marianne.

Papakura Public Cemetery, Great South Road, Papakura:

Grave of Captain Augustus Bressan Calvert, late of the Ayrshire Yeomanry Cavalry and 2nd Dragoon Guards, died 3 July 1865, and his son, Sylvester Devenish Calvert, killed in the New Zealand Wars, 24 July 1863.

Patea Public Cemetery, Scotland Street, Patea:

Grave of W C Broughton, Interpreter to the Forces, New Zealand Wars, killed at Kakaramea on 1.10.1865,

Pāterangi Land Wars graves, on road to Pirongia:

Two metre high grey granite obelisk commemorating Privates John McDoole, Michael Cahill, Henry Blake and George Cooper, 40th Foot, 2nd Somerset Regt; and James Cussen and William Bane, of Queen’s Own Regt, killed in action at Waiari 11.2.1864. Located on private land. Contact the Ministry if you require further details.

Pitihera Kopu Memorial, Marine Parade, Wairoa:

Commemorating Chief Pitihera Kopu, who died 1867.

Pokeno Historic Cemetery, Junction of Munro and Helenslee Roads, Pokeno:

White pyramidal cairn commemorating those who died in the New Zealand Wars 1863-64, plus grave of Horton and Loader, whose names are also on the cairn.

Pōtatau Monument, Ngaruawahia Domain:

3.5 metre high white marble obelisk and plinth commemorating the first Māori King, Pōtatau Te Wherowhero.

Pouawha Meihana Memorial, Pūkeko Marae, Poroporo, Whakatane:

Life size statue of Chief Pouawha Meihana on a two metre high pedestal.

Pukekohe East Churchyard, Runciman Road, Pukekohe East:

Mass grave of 6 Māori who died in the engagement on 14.9.1863.

Purewa Cemetery, St John’s Road, Meadowbank, Auckland:

Grave of Sir William Fox, a former Prime Minister, and Lady Sarah Fox.

Queen’s Park Memorial, (Lion Monument) at base of Veterans’ Steps, Whanganui:

Memorial in shape of a lion on a tall rectangular plinth commemorating those from the district in H.M Imperial Army, Navy and Colonial Forces killed in the New Zealand Wars.

Rangiriri Cemetery, Rangiriri, near Huntly:

Two New Zealand Wars Monuments commemorating Army and Navy personnel, and individual graves of 46 British servicemen, who died in the Battle of Rangiriri, 20 November 1863.

Rangitukia soldiers’ graves, Rangitukia Beach Road, East Cape:

Black granite obelisk marking the graves of five Hawkes Bay Volunteers, New Zealand Wars casualties of 1865:

Sgts C Dearlove and Christopher Borthwick; Ptes W D Laurie, H Moore and Charles Greaves.

Ropata Wahawaha grave, Waiomatatini Marae urupa:

Obelisk and grave of Major Ropata Wahawaha, died 1 July 1897.

Rawiri Waiaua grave, Corbett Road, Bell Block, New Plymouth:

Concrete cross marking the graves of Rawiri Waiaua and his followers killed by supporters of Waitere Katatore in land disputes in Taranaki in 1854.

Renata Kawepo Memorial, Omahu Churchyard, Ōmāhu:

Red granite monument commemorating Renata Kawepo and his followers who died during the Pai Mārire rebellion 1860-1872.

Ruakituri Cemetery Reserve, Papuni Road, Ruakituri Valley near Wairoa:

Three New Zealand Wars memorials:

  1. Metal plaque mounted on a rock cairn in memory of Davis Canning
  2. Grave of Captain Oswald Carr, Royal Artillery
  3. Stone cairn commemorating Constables Coates, Condon, Byrne and Private Rihara.

Russell (Christ Church) Churchyard:

  1. Memorial to those killed at Kororareka
  2. Memorial to Chief Tamati Waka Nene
  3. HMS Hazard grave and wooden headboard

Symonds Street Cemetery, Auckland:

  1. Grave of Captain William Hobson
  2. Headstone of Lt Alexander Mitchell
  3. Anglican commemorative wall and patio
  4. Catholic commemorative wall and patio

Symonds Street Cemetery records are available on Auckland Libraries website.

Tauranga Mission Cemetery, corner Den Place and Mirrilees Road, Tauranga:

  1. Monument to Hori Ngatai – grey granite with urn on top
  2. Monument to Rawiri Puhirake – red marble obelisk topped by urn
  3. Memorial to those killed at Te Ranga on 21.6.1864 and Gate Pa on 29.4.1864 – a pyramidal-shaped sandstone obelisk
  4. Memorial to 1st Waikato Militia and others
  5. Memorial Cross to Seamen and Marines
  6. Memorial to the Māori dead
  7. Individual graves of Captain John Fane Charles Hamilton, Commander Edward Hay, Lieut Charles Hill, Sgt James Harmer, Lt Col James Fraser, Patrick Falcon Leonard, Sgt James Swallow, Trooper Fred Gill
  8. Ground plaques to 37 individual servicemen:
  9. T A Baker, George Berins, J Bradley, W Brissington, John Cady and Thomas  H Dixon, J Clarke, James Colfer, Robert Collins, Benjamin Cordwell, Edwin Dee, Richard Dodd, Henry Emus, Robert Farrell, Charles Halford, James Harmer (also has headstone), J Harrington, William Jarvis, Henry Jeffs, Kilbride, Lawrence Mannion, Henry Matthews, James McAnary, William McAuley, H McCuen,
  10. Patrick McDonald, Thomas McGough, G Mitchelson, Charles Mure, John Platt, James Scanlon, D Shanaghan, James Taylor, J Timms, John Twinen and Thomas Bayley, George Watt, James W Wheeler

Teasdale Memorial, McKenna Place, Te Awamutu:

White marble obelisk to 11 men of H.M. Forces who lost their lives in the Waikato war

Te Awamutu (St John’s) Churchyard, eastern side of Arawata Street, Te Awamutu:

  1. Marble obelisk on plinth to Māori who fell in Battles of Hairini and Orakau in 1864
  2. Imperial and Colonial Forces Memorial to officers and men who died in Waikato Wars 1863-65 – sandstone, with marble inscription panel and cross on 3-tiered base
  3. Graves of Lieut and Adjutant Arthur H Lewis and Ensign Alfred Chaytor
  4. Graves of F R Gubbins and Constable Gilfillan

Te Henui Cemetery, Lemon Street, New Plymouth:

  1. 57th Regt mass grave, Catholic Section
  2. 57th Regt mass grave, Old Anglican Section
  3. 57th Regiment Obelisk
  4. 43rd Monmouthshire Regt mass grave
  5. Monument to those who died at Pukearuhe 13.2.1869; (handed back to New Plymouth District Council in 2009, after restoration)
  6. Grave of Arthur Balfour Duncan, 57th Regt, died 4.6.1864
  7. Grave of Cornelius O’Keefe, No.1 Coy, Taranaki Militia, drowned 28.12.1863
  8. James Curran, 43rd Regt, Armed Constabulary, drowned 9.8.1869
  9. Joseph Wheeler, 43rd Regt, Taranaki Bushrangers, drowned 3.7.70
  10. Royal Artillery graves; James Stewart 28.4.1864, W Norris 10.2.1865, R Morris 17.6.1866
  11. Grave of John Hawken died 7.11.1860
  12. Grave of Henry Edgecombe, Taranaki Rifle Volunteers died 6.11.1860
  13. Grave of Samuel Ford died 28.3.1860
  14. Grave of Bamber Gascoigne and family, died 13.2.1869
  15. Pukearuhe graves; John Milne 13.2.1869 and Edward Richards 13.2.1869
  16. Grave of Reverend John Whiteley died at Pukearuhe 13.2.1869
  17. Omata graves; H Passmore, W Parker, S Shaw, J Pote died 27.3.1860
  18. Grave of Captain T W Lloyd, 57th Regt, died 6.6.1864
  19. Grave of Captain Arthur Close, 43rd Regt, died 28.7.1865

Te Hurinui Apanui Memorial, corner The Strand and Commerce Streets, Whakātane:

Monument to Te Hurinui Apanui, a leading Ngāti Awa rangatira, 5 metre high polished black granite obelisk topped by urn

Te Ngutu o te Manu Domain Memorial, Ahipaipa Roadhalfway between Kapuni and Mātapu, Taranaki:

Memorial to the New Zealand Wars soldiers killed fighting against Tītokowaru, Chief of Ngāruahine tribe, South Taranaki at Te Ngutu o Te Manu in 1868

Te Rore New Zealand Wars Graves, Te Rore:

Grey granite obelisk commemorating John O’Hanlon and John Wilson, 12th Regt, died at Te Rore 1864, and William Connor, 40th Regt, died 8.2.1864, and others. Located on private land. Contact the Ministry if you require further details

Te Wheoro Monument, Waikato Riverbank near Maurea Marae, close to Rangiriri Pā:

Monument commemorating Chief Wiremu Te Wheoro

Waihī Memorial Cairn, Taranaki:

  1. Stone cairn with marble tablet commemorating New Zealand Wars soldiers killed fighting against Tītokowaru, Chief of Ngāruahine tribe, South Taranaki at Turuturumōkai and Te Ngutu o Te Manu
  2. Grave of Captain Frederick Ross, killed 12.7.1868

Waimate (St John’s) Churchyard, 21 km NE of Kaikohe:

Graves of servicemen killed in the New Zealand Wars: Pte John Ingate, 58th Regt, died 12.9.1845; Ptes William Stewart and Matthew Hodgkins, 58th Regt, killed in assault on Hone Heke’s pā at Ōhaeawai 1.7.1845; Captain William Grant 58th Regt, Lt Edward Beattie, 99th Regt and Lt George Philpotts HMS Hazard who died in the assault on Hone Heke’s pā 1 July 1845 and 10 graves of early settlers and missionaries:

  1. Hemi Ruatara
  2. Arthur Spencer Taylor (son of Rev. Taylor CMS Waitangi) died 1840
  3. Rev R. Davis family plot
  4. George Hobbs
  5. Dr H W Watling and wife Emily
  6. Rev. Whytehead
  7. William Davis (son of Rev. Davis) and Mary Davis
  8. George Clarke family plot
  9. W P Kemp and family
  10. William Spence King family plot

Waioturi Burial Ground, Waioturi Marae, Patea:

Grave of Cpl Charles Philpott, killed in action at Te Pūtahi pā 7.1.1866

Wairau Monument, Tuamarina Cemetery, Cotterill St, Tuamarina:

Arthur Wakefield and settlers killed in the incident on the Wairau 17.6.1843

Waireka Cemetery, Waireka Road, Waireka:

Grave of Tpr Antonio Rodriguez de Sardinha NZC, died 12.5.1905

Waitara Historic Cemetery, McLean Street, Waitara:

  1. Black granite obelisk commemorating those soldiers killed at Puketakauere on 27.6.1860 and Kairau on 29.12.1860 in the New Zealand Wars
  2. Grave of Charles Francis Brooke and non-commissioned officers and men of the 40th Regt who died 1860-1861

Wakefield family grave, Bolton Street Cemetery, Wellington:

Grave of Edward Gibbon Wakefield and family.  (See Wakefield family grave for more details)

Whanganui (Christ Church) Churchyard, Wicksteed Street, Whanganui:

Monument commemorating CW Broughton, Interpreter to the Forces, erected by officers serving.

Whatawhata Cemetery, Cemetery Road, Whatawhata:

White marble headstone commemorating New Zealand Wars servicemen who died at Whatawhata in 1864; Cpl Thomas Armstrong, Pte George Beavis, Pte James Connilian, Pte William Rogerson, Pte Patrick Coughlan, C P S Gunson, James Cornish, Bartholomew Ashe, Joshua Reynolds, Joseph Clarkson, J Collins

Wi Pere Monument, Reads Quay, Gisborne:

Monument commemorating Hon Wi Pere, Māori statesman 1837-1915.

Updated on 28th November 2023