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Notice of Non-commercial Radio Frequency 106.1FM allocation

News: 9 February 2016

The Wellington Access Radio Society Incorporated has been allocated the 106.1FM frequency and will begin operations on the FM band within the next 12 months.

Wellington Access Radio was selected by an independent panel that assessed four applications against criteria established by the Regional and Community Broadcasting Policy Framework:

These are to:

  • promote local broadcasting services which support local and regional character, as well as identity and democratic and civic participation among regional and local groups
  • promote innovation and a diverse range of content and formats reflecting audience diversity and cater for their interests
  • facilitate wide access to technical, cultural and social broadcasting, and
  • provide for long-term broadcasting developments.

Wellington Access Radio provides a strongly community-based service, inclusive of many ethnic groups and has been broadcasting in the region for 34 years. As a condition of receiving the licence Wellington Access Radio is now expected to serve a wider Hutt Valley community.

The current licence holder, the Hutt Community Radio and Audio Archives Trust, will be able to continue broadcasting up until 2 April this year, when the current licence expires.

The 106.1FM frequency is one of a number of non-commercial radio frequencies allocated without a resource charge by government to community radio stations throughout New Zealand to ensure people in their communities have access to programmes and information relevant to them.

Updated on 9th February 2016