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Long-term Insights Briefing highlights opportunities for future of Aotearoa’s arts, culture and heritage

Media release: 26 January 2023

Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage has published its inaugural Long-term Insights Briefing for the cultural sector. The Briefing explores five key areas that will influence the vibrancy and resilience of the cultural sector ecosystem in the future.  

“We were really interested to identify and examine the factors that are likely to shape and transform arts, culture and heritage in Aotearoa New Zealand, and consider how government can help ensure the cultural sector continues to thrive” says Leauanae Laulu Mac Leauanae, Tumu Whakarae Chief Executive, Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage. 

The five priorities for the sector that emerged as the focus for this briefing are: Te Ao Māori; funding, investment and value; population change; digital technologies; and climate change. The briefing provides a critical analysis of each of these topics, developed following in-depth consultation with people living throughout Aotearoa.  

A key theme to emerge through our public engagement on the briefing is how to strengthen the resilience of the cultural sector, for example in terms of the workforce, the potential effects of climate change on taonga and heritage sites, ongoing rapid changes in technology and sustainable investment models.  

“The briefing identifies a range of options open to Manatū Taonga, as a steward of New Zealand’s cultural and creative ecosystem, to lead the design of policy settings that support the Government’s future investment in the sector. For example, supporting capacity and capability building and supporting New Zealand’s diverse communities to tell their stories through arts and culture; considering innovative ways of rapidly delivering funding; and continuing to design funding and investment strategies that support regional and local arts, culture and heritage.

“We’re grateful to have had the valuable insights of more than 150 organisations and individuals connected to, or with an interest in, the cultural sector contribute to the development of this inaugural briefing. 

“It’s clear from the feedback we received there are numerous hopes for the sector. I’d like to thank everyone who generously gave their time and shared their perspectives with us,” says Leauanae Laulu Mac Leauanae. 

“Long-term Insights Briefings provide a dedicated space for public reflection and reimagining of our future development as a modern Pacific nation – and I’m excited to see arts, culture and heritage continue to play a fundamental role in positively shaping our sense of identity and place in the world. 

“This Briefing’s priorities align closely with the goals in Te Rautaki, the overarching strategic framework for Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage, and we are committed to working in partnership with Aotearoa’s vibrant, diverse and talented cultural sectors and communities to help ensure policy development in each of the key areas is progressed,” said Leauanae Laulu Mac Leauanae.  

We invite you to read the briefing on our website:

Updated on 8th May 2023