The following drawings have been published to assist those involved in the design of future memorials at the Park.


Memorial Park as built drawings (PDF version)

Memorial Park as built drawings (DWG version)

The series of snippets (below) relate to finished levels.  They reference the AutoCAD dwg issued at the link above.

As Built Layers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

  • this shows all the layers embedded in the dwg

Topo Spot Height Surface Level Layers

  • this shows you all of the surface level layers (z levels) and their naming

Topo spot height surface levels

  • this shows you the visual of the plan of just this level
  • Each point in this layer has z data available for you to manipulate and import into your 3D model.


As-Built Drawings

Due to the Western end of Pukeahu being built in two stages, there are two sets of as-built drawings.  Both should be read to get a complete picture. 

Stage 1 Dry Services Plan:

MP-05-010  Dry Services Notes, Key and Legend

MP-05-020  Trench Typical Detail

MP-05-350  Existing/New Services

MP-05-360 UAB Area

MP-05-870  Proposed 33kV Cable Trench route

MP-05-872  Proposed 33kV Cable Trench Setout

Stage 1 Wet Services

MP-06-104  Notes and Legend

MP-06-302  Stormwater

MP-06-381  Irrigation

Stage 1 Pavements

MP-09-361  Pavement Typical Section

MP-09-362  Pavement Typical Sections

Stage 2

MP2-01-100  General Arrangements Plan

MP2-05-100  Dry Services

MP2-05-101  Dry Services Long Section

MP2-06-100  Stormwater

MP2-06-101  Irrigation

MP2-09-100  Concrete Kerb

MP2-11-200  Ready Lawn Plan

Updated on 31st January 2018