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Royals wear WW100 pin in Blenheim

Many New Zealanders and viewers around the world will have seen the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and other people at today’s royal visit to Blenheim, wearing a small red poppy pin on their lapels.

Image of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is courtesy of Government House.

The pin was gifted to members of the official party and veterans by the New Zealand government’s WW100 Programme Office. It displays the symbol of the First World War centenary programme in New Zealand.

This programme aims to foster appreciation and remembrance of how the First World War affected our nation and its place in the world, both at the time and since. The centenary officially starts in August this year, but activities are already beginning to take place in communities throughout the country.

The symbol marks participation in New Zealand’s First World War centenary programme. To date, the pin displaying the symbol has been made available to representatives of New Zealand organisations actively working on First World War centenary commemorative activities. The WW100 Programme Office plans to make the pins more widely available to the public as the centenary commences later this year.

WW100 Programme Office website.

Updated on 23rd July 2015