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Christchurch: $500,000 from relief fund going to arts

At its meeting on 2 February, the Council approved more than $500,000 for arts projects, including assisting the temporary Court Theatre in Addington and rebuilding The Loons Theatre in Lyttelton.

Mayor Bob Parker says people from across New Zealand and around the world have donated over $7 million to the Fund set up for earthquake repairs.

“The Council has already approved over $3 million in grants from the Fund, and today I'm pleased that a range of arts organisations will receive a further $500,000 from it."

The grants include:

• $100,000 to the Court Theatre towards the costs of their temporary theatre at Addington.
• $250,000 to The Loons toward the costs of rebuilding the theatre.
• $80,000 to CPIT Creative Industries Faculty towards the costs of the 'Artbox' project, providing workspace for displaced artists.
• $80,000 to CHART towards the costs of a central rehearsal space for musicians.
• $70,000 to the Music Centre of Christchurch towards costs incurred in planning a replacement Music Centre.
• $6,000 to the Governor’s Bay Volunteer Fire Brigade to replace meeting furniture from the earthquake-damaged community hall.
• $3,500 to the Gordon Scout Group towards the shortfall between the insurance payout and the cost of repairing the Scout Hall.

As at 12 January 2012, over $7 million had been donated to the Fund and the Council had agreed grants totalling $3.7 million, leaving $3.3 million in the Fund.

Updated on 23rd July 2015