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2015 Olivia Spencer Bower Foundation award winner

Since 1987, the Olivia Spencer Bower Award has built a reputation as one of the most valuable and prestigious forms of sponsorship available to New Zealand artists.

The Art Awards offer financial assistance to promoteartists more particularly emerging painters and sculptors, with emphasis on future artistic potential.  The awards gives the opportunity for the recipient to work for one year pursuing their own direction as a painter or sculptor, free from the necessity to seek outside employment.

The award has helped position the careers of many important New Zealand artists since thefirst award in 1987.  Recent award winners include, Georgie Hill, Laura Marsh, Miranda Parkes and Emma Fitts.

Blenheim born artist Jacquelyn Greenbank has been chosen as the winner of the 2015 Olivia Spencer Bower Foundation Art Award from over 40 applicants.

She graduated in 2005 from Canterbury University with a Masters in Fine Arts and a distinction in painting. She has exhibited in New Zealand, and her work is held in major private and public collections. Jacquelyn relocated from Christchurch after the earthquakes and for the last three years has been living in the Bay of Plenty.  She is now looking forward to returning to Christchurch.

Updated on 23rd July 2015