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Press Releases

New Zealand’s Olympic Story

2008 Aug 01

A record 182 New Zealanders will compete at the Beijing Olympics in just a week’s time. Amid the building excitement, the team at have compiled the inspiring story of New…

Kiwis go to the polls

2008 Jul 11

July 14 2008 marks 155 years since New Zealanders’ first trip to the polling booths. But if elections seem complex in 2008, New Zealand's first parliamentary elections began on 14 July 1853 in the…

Air quality tests at Mt Cook School show traffic fume levels within guidelines

2008 Jul 07

Results of air quality monitoring at Mt Cook School show that pollution levels from vehicle exhaust fumes fall well within health-based standards.…

Wanganui region – from the mountains to the sea…to the big carrot

2008 Jun 10

Te Ara – Encyclopedia of New Zealand launches the Wanganui entry of its Places theme on Monday 16 June, 5:30pm at the War Memorial Hall.…

Matariki – Heralding the Māori New Year tomorrow

2008 Jun 04

Matariki is the Māori name for the small cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades or the Seven Sisters, in the Taurus constellation. It rises just once a year and in 2008 three Ministry for…

Launch of

2008 May 29

A new era in New Zealand’s digital history begins today with the launch of, asking people to share their stories, experiences and memorabilia of the Vietnam War.…

31 Reasons to love New Zealand Music this NZ Music Month

2008 May 01

New Zealand Music Month is about showcasing Kiwi tunes and celebrating home-grown talent on our airwaves and stages.…

Animal mascots in wartime – lifting soldiers’ spirits

2008 Apr 29

New Zealanders love their pets and wartime was no different. tells the stories of animal mascots who served their soldiers with loyalty and affection.…