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Websites we run

We produce a range of websites bringing New Zealand's culture and heritage online. Visit connect with us online to see our list of Ministry social media channels.


NZHistory has a strong focus on our military and social history while offering 'hands-on-history' with The Classroom and From Memory.

More about NZHistory.

Visit NZHistory website.

Te Ara — The Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Te Ara — The Encyclopedia of New Zealand provides website resources about New Zealand's people, land, culture and society including New Zealand in brief.

More about Te Ara — The Encyclopedia of New Zealand.

Visit Te Ara — The Encyclopedia of New Zealand website.

Dictionary of New Zealand Biography

The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography is the foremost reference work on the lives of people who shaped this country’s history and culture from the seventeenth to the twenty-first centuries.

More about the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography.

Visit the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography.

28th Māori Battalion

The 28th Māori Battalion website is a place to record, remember, honour and maintain information and knowledge of the Māori Battalion and its outstanding contribution to Aotearoa New Zealand.

More about the 28th Māori Battalion.

Visit 28th Māori Battalion website.

Heritage EQUIP

In August 2016, the Heritage Earthquake Upgrade Incentive Programme (Heritage EQUIP) was launched. Information about the fund and resources to help building owners manage their property is now available at the Heritage EQUIP website.


QuakeStories is a place where you can tell your stories about the Canterbury earthquakes of September 2010, February 2011 and other New Zealand quakes (Seddon, 2013; Kaikōura, 2016). Whether you’re an individual, part of a community, a business or an organisation, you have stories to tell.

Visit QuakeStories website.

Roadside Stories

Roadside Stories comprises more than 100 short anecdotal tales about New Zealand’s history, places, people and events.  Each story lasts about 3-4 minutes. They’re downloadable – free – then you just hit play, and listen to the stories while  driving, taking a walk on a beach or getting around a bustling city.

Visit Roadside Stories website.

Te Tai - Treaty Settlement Stories

The Ministry has embarked on a national project aimed at increasing awareness and deepening understanding of Treaty settlements and their impact. Te Taiwhakaea Treaty Settlement Stories (Te Tai) will be a rich and comprehensive source of new information and provide a platform for expressing the diverse range of these significant events.

Visit Te Tai website

Tuia - Encounters 250 (Tuia 250)

In 2019, Aotearoa New Zealand acknowledged 250 years since the first onshore meetings between Māori and Europeans. Tuia – Encounters 250 (Tuia 250) was the national commemoration that recognises this milestone in our history.

Visit Tuia 250 website

Vietnam War Oral History Project

The Vietnam War Oral History Project contains resources relating to the New Zealand’s involvement in the Vietnam War.  The website features extracts from oral history interviews, images and a nominal roll of New Zealand’s Vietnam veterans. Contributions of stories and visual resources are welcomed.

Visit the Vietnam War Oral History Project website.


The centenary of the First World War was marked over several years through a variety of commemorative projects. The centenary programme included a wide range of activities and events for New Zealanders to participate in – both at home and overseas. All New Zealanders were encouraged to engage in the programme in some way either by attending a commemorative event or learning more about their family’s military service history. Information about the opportunities available to New Zealanders was made available through this dedicated website. The centenary programme finished in July 2019 but an archived version of the WW100 website is still online.

Visit the archived WW100 website.

Updated on 10th January 2020