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Strong Public Media Programme

Strong Public Media 

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The Strong Public Media programme is supporting the creation of a new public media entity that will subsume Television New Zealand and Radio New Zealand.

The legislation to establish the new entity - Aotearoa New Zealand Public Media (ANZPM) was introduced on 23 June. 

Submissions on the bill have now opened and can be made until Thursday 8 September. 

New Zealand Parliament: Aotearoa New Zealand Public Media Bill 

ANZPM is the legal name of the entity. Its trading name and brand will be developed later. While the Bill will go through a select committee and legislative process through the second half of 2022, it is currently planned that ANZPM will be legally established on 1 March 2023.

It will begin operating with its new funding and mandate from July next year.

Why this work is underway 

The change is to position the country’s public media for the future and create a new, independent, public media entity that is better able to meet the challenges of changing audiences, technologies, and global competition. New Zealand’s public media, like that in every other democracy, is under pressure. They are losing audience, large parts of the population, including younger people, don’t engage with them at all and they are slowly losing trust. This is an issue because of the role public media plays in our democracy, by providing trusted news and information; and by supporting and reflecting our culture and people.

Cabinet considered these issues in 2020 Strengthening Public Media: Report Back – January 2020 Cabinet meeting and a business case process tested the viability of a single new entity The Business Case exploring the viability of a new public media entity (PDF 3.3MB).

The expert group that oversaw the business case process also produced a report The Business Case Governance Group report (PDF 3.2MB)

In February 2022, cabinet made the decision to create a new public media entity Cabinet Minute CAB-SUB-0034: Establishment of a new public media entity (PDF 460 KB). 

A new public media entity

The new organisation will build on the best of what RNZ and TVNZ currently provide, and will be digitally enabled, multi-platform and focused on reaching all local audiences. 

ANZPM is a public media entity, with a charter set in legislation, and it will: 

  • provide quality public media content to all New Zealanders, including groups who are currently under-served or under-represented
  • provide independent, trusted, and truthful news as a core service
  • use a range of platforms, including current radio and linear TV and those of third parties, to reach audiences how they want
  • recognise and respect the Crown’s responsibility to give effect to the principles of the te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi both through the content it provides and the way it operates 
  • where appropriate, outsource production and collaborate with and support the wider New Zealand media sector 
  • coordinate with NZ On Air and Te Māngai Pāho to help get maximum benefit out of the government’s spending on commissioning content.

The new entity will have a mixed funding model – receiving money from the Government and commercial revenue from advertising and other income streams. The mixed funding model is designed to make ANZPM more financially sustainable. While the entity is not-for-profit, its commercial revenue will supplement Crown funding and allow it to better deliver on its public media outcomes.

The Government announced in this year’s Budget that it will significantly increase Crown funding for the entity to $200 million annually starting from 1 July 2023. This is half of ANZPM’s total estimated yearly operating budget of $400 million. Government has also provided separate implementation funding to set the new entity up.  

Beehive media release: Funding certainty for quality public media.


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While Parliament considers the ANZPM Bill, the Strong Public Media Programme is focused on establishing the new entity.

An Establishment Board, supported by a specialist establishment unit, has been appointed to oversee the detailed design of the entity and the change process.
Beehive Media Release: Public Media Entity Establishment Board Appointments.
Also see: Establishment Board Terms of Reference.

The Establishment Board has three main areas of responsibility. It will look at how the entity can be designed to operate most effectively, including the entity’s structure and organisational strategy and it will provide advice on these for the incoming entity board to consider. Final decisions on the new entity’s structure and operating model will be made next year once it has been established in legislation and the new entity’s Board and executive is formed.

It will oversee the development and implementation of a change management plan to enable, in conjunction with the existing entities, a smooth transition for TVNZ and RNZ operations and staff into the new entity.

The Board will also give advice to the Minister for Broadcasting and Media on the entity’s financial model, monitoring framework, legal issues and accountability arrangements. The new public media entity is being set up alongside business-as-usual work for RNZ and TVNZ and until it is established, TVNZ and RNZ will continue in their current roles.

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Alongside the development of the business case, work was undertaken with the wider media sector and key audience groups to gather views on the attributes of a charter for a possible new entity.
See: Summary of views on attributes of a charter (PDF 165KB)

Kantar Report March 2021: Strong Public Media Audience Data Analysis (PDF 5MB)

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Updated on 6th September 2022