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    an important role, providing fresh formats, vocabularies, contexts and content. Such art became more ...


    Sound and moving images

    Moving images The emergence of videotape as an alternative to film in the 1970s made moving-image art more accessible for those without the funds or resources to work with celluloid film or cinema-style production and presentation. Video art was usually p ...


    Digital technology

    (1972–76). A rich source of content for art, the internet also became an exhibition site, where information ...


    Exhibitions and infrastructure

    Altmusic, and in 2012 published Erewhon c alling, the first book to provide an overview of New Zealand sound ...


    Origins of Te Ara

    a 30-part pictorial monthly, Making New Zealand; a series of 11 books on aspects of the country’s history; ... progressive publication on the web, much multimedia content, user involvement and cooperation with the major ... researchers/writers, one image researcher and two people to work on Māori content was proposed. Tizard briefed Paul ...


    Planning the encyclopedia: content

    a conventional printed entry. They decided an entry should have a home (front) page with a contents list, and ... fit into a long screen page. The pages would include topic boxes both to break up the text and add ... media was developed as an alternative route through the content, with each item and caption telling the ...


    Planning the encyclopedia: process, look and feel

    minister for culture and heritage on the strategic direction, content and approach of the encyclopedia. The ... were given a page of text and asked to find appropriate supporting material and editors were given ... technology In November 2002 registrations of interest were requested for hosting the site, a content ...


    Production and technical aspects

    was decided to use the Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) to deliver the web pages, but with ... ‘break’. The content had a defined structure for all pages and page elements, which in principle were ... Principles and standards Alongside the conceptual and content planning for the website, principles ...


    Māori content, biculturalism and translation

    Wānanga, and this was accepted as the new name of the Māori advisory committee. Māori thematic content An ...


    Thematic structure

    strong agricultural content. A plan for a Christchurch launch of the Social Connections theme was ...