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    Images of Māori

    warriors.’ 1 Partly to challenge the image of Māori as dangerous cannibals, Angas produced a book, The New ... and follow the conventions of landscape painting. War artists Soldiers painted scenes from the New ...


    New birth – the 1890s

    In the 1890s three professional painters with a background of success in European art circles settled in New Zealand – Petrus van der Velden, Girolamo Nerli and James Nairn. None had a long career in New Zealand, but their influence was considerable. The ...


    Problems of isolation, 1900 to 1940

    institutional developments. A journal, Art in New Zealand, began in 1928 and provided a forum for criticism. ...


    Nationalism and landscape painting, 1935 to 1965

    outside Christchurch. Others in The Group included Louise Henderson, Rata Lovell-Smith, Evelyn Page ...



    From the mid-1950s New Zealand artists at last began to confront modernist abstract art. Institutional change The environment for serious art began to change. In 1956 Peter Tomory was appointed director of the Auckland Art Gallery. He took painting seriou ...


    Expressionism and postmodernism

    part-human figures often set in a comic-book Canterbury landscape. Jenny Dolezel used slightly bizarre ...


    Painting of identity

    combined modernist approaches with traditional content. They range from the naïve-style images of Samoan ...


    Into the 2000s

    Multimedia art In the 21st century it became hard to separate out painting from other forms of artistic creativity. Virtually all those who painted also made films or took photographs. In his witty portraits of himself Ronnie Van Hout used sculpture, vide ...


    Pacific arts and artists

    The contribution of Pacific people and art to New Zealand creative arts since the 1960s has been hugely significant. In the decades after the Second World War, New Zealand became home to substantial communities from other island nations of the wider Pacif ...


    Visual art and literature

    title font used for the Lonely Planet series of travel books, with approximately 55 million copies in ... journal’s English-language version, and in books for children published from the 1980s. Albert Wendt was one ... Courtney Sina Meredith (Samoan). Quoted in ‘Albert Wendt’, New Zealand Book Council, ...