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    The golden age of radio, 1936 to 1960

    Radio personalities in the ‘golden age’ With the establishment of the commercial radio services, announcers’ names began to be used regularly on air. Until that time announcers were usually anonymous, as broadcasting authorities frowned on the idea of ‘ra ...


    A turning point for radio – the legacy of the 1960s

    able to broadcast nationwide signals from Wellington. Increased national content meant reduced local ...


    The rise of private radio, 1970s to 2010s

    of local content. All the national networks originated from Auckland. TRN was wholly owned by the ...


    Public and community radio from 1989

    local content: New Zealand-made programmes reflecting New Zealand identity and interests. The Kiwi Hit ...


    Māori, minority and student radio, 1960s to 2010s

    Māori radio The first iwi radio station, Te Upoko o te Ika in Wellington, officially began broadcasting in 1987. It was developed from the pioneering experimental Wellington station Te Reo o Poneke (1983–86). Māori gained wider access to broadcasting freq ...


    Colonial critics, 19th century

    responses. A critic’s opinion can help make or break a show or film, and can affect sales of books or music. ... reproduced book reviews from British or Australian papers, a practice which continued for many years. The ... first reviews written locally were of non-fiction books or pamphlets relating to New Zealand. These were ...


    Struggle with modernity, 1900 to 1960s

    events. Shibli Bagarag (Pat Lawlor) wrote book reviews for Aussie magazine and the New Zealand Railways ... Magazine. Until the 1940s New Zealand literature was regularly reviewed on the Red Page of Sydney’s ... country’s only serious early film critic. Critical writing in books Introductory essays were another source ...


    Expanding the horizons of criticism, 1960s to 2010s

    of reviewing in New Zealand. Book reviews have been a prominent feature on Radio New Zealand National ... book review programmes, a weekend arts review programme, a film review programme, and a range of music ... review programmes. Regular reviewers included Kate Camp and Kate De Goldi (books), Simon Morris (movies), ...



    two books of paintings on the basis of a six-month stay in New Zealand in 1844 William Strutt, who ...


    19th-century landscape painting

    book Adventure in New Zealand was illustrated with engravings that presented the settlements in an ...