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    Katherine Mansfield

    her ‘plot-less’ stories. Stories Most of Mansfield’s writing career took place in England, where she ... went to live in 1908 at the age of 19. In 1912 she published ‘colonial’ stories in the avant-garde ... Mansfield’s famous stories set in Wellington – ‘ Prelude ’, ‘ The garden party ’, ‘ At the bay ’ and ’ The ...


    Writing tips

    their stories and pictures to the site. But you don't have to be a computer whiz to participate in ... believe that there are great benefits to adding a story directly to the site for immediate publication. ... helpful tips to get started. Give your story a title- that will help you focus, and it also helps someone ...


    Short Story

    Short Story The art of the short story was mastered in New Zealand before the art of the novel: ... Zealand's finest short story writer today. A number of the novelists already discussed have written ... excellent short stories. Davin, in The Gorse Blooms Pale, 1947, is seen at his best. Janet Frame in The ...


    REED, Alfred Hamish, M.B.E.

    has also written The Isabel Reed Bible Story Book (1944); The Story of New Zealand (1945, seventh ... edition 1957); The Story of Otago (1947); The Gumdigger (1948); The Story of Canterbury (1949); The Story ... of the Kauri (1953); The Four Corners of New Zealand (1954); The Story of Northland (1956); The Story ...


    Whakapapa and kaupapa

    or stories which create a base or foundation of meaning for people. As whakapapa can include ... genealogies or stories about the entire world, whakapapa are ways by which people come into relationship with ... a framework which is ‘clothed’ in a vast array of stories and traditions. These explain the essential ...


    Fiction for Children

    stories of Jules Verne, G. A. Henty and others exploiting adventure were intended for younger as well as ... to be well known as a writer for children was Edith Howes, a teacher whose stories served the double ... Maud Peacocke, set some of her many stories in this country. In the 1920s, Esther Glen, a journalist ...


    Creation and the Māori world view

    story. Many aspects of the Māori world view are influenced by the essential elements of the Māori ... creation narrative. A model for behaviour Creation stories give people a way of looking at their world. ... These stories tell us about individuals acting in particular ways and securing their position in the ...


    Katherine Mansfield

    Katherine Mansfield Katherine Mansfield wrote short stories, poetry, letters, journals and ... reviews, and is regarded as a central figure in British modernism. Three story collections were published ... dissatisfied, longing to return to England’s cultural richness. She had several short stories published in ...


    A dramatic landscape

    Just as iwi (tribal) traditions contain stories and genealogies about the creation of the world, ... fiords. These stimulated the Māori imagination and inspired stories of how they came to be. Origins of the ... rivers and gorges. Giant ancestors dug out the lakes, and the mountains moved. The stories about the ...


    Audience interaction and social media

    rose to this challenge in a number of ways. ‘Your stories’ In 2003, before Te Ara’s first theme on the ... peoples of New Zealand was published, a call was put out for members of the public to contribute stories ... were chosen to be included as ‘Your stories’ in ‘The voyage out’ entry on the website. Through ...