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eBook FAQs

How can I read an ebook?

You need a computer or electronic device, such as a tablet, smartphone, or dedicated ereader, with ebook reading software, such as Kindle, iBooks, or Kobo apps. Dedicated ereaders include Kindle, Kobo, Nook and many more. These all come with ereading software installed. Ereading software is available - often for free - for most tablets, smartphones and computers.

What file should I chose?

The epub file can be read on all ereaders except Kindle. Kindle users should select the mobi file.

How to read your eBook using the EPUB version

The reading device you intend to use (iPhone, iPad, Android phone, e-reader or computer) will inform the steps you need to follow.

The guidance below links out to websites providing instructions for each device. (Please note MCH is not responsible for, nor makes any claims to, the content of these external links.)

How to read your eBook using the mobi version

The mobi version is the file to use if you have any Amazon Kindle reading device. We recommend following Amazon's instructions on how to upload the mobi file.

Thanks to Bridget Williams Books Ltd for assistance in putting these FAQs together.

Updated on 20th July 2016